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Re: WinXP installation - Probably hardware problem

The PROPER way to load XP onto a new machine is to set the BIOS to boot 1st
from the CD-ROM, then insert the XP CD and reboot.  The computer will boot
from the XP CD and you then just follow the directions.


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Re: WinXP installation - Probably hardware problem

Thanks everyone for the advice.

I was a bit too tired when I posted last night and wrote that the psu was
Altec.  Of course I meant Antec (I could imagine some knock-off PSU named
Altec though).

The reason I was not using a boot from the CD rather than booting the system
from a DOS floppy and loading smartdrive seperately was mostly just a bad
habit I got into.  While the DVDs from MSDN are supposed to be bootable, it
appears that I would have to switch the order of my CD / DVD drives to get
the DVD drive to be recognized as bootable.  So I am a little lazy (or stuck
in a rut) and just boot to DOS with CD/DVD drivers and launch the Winnt.exe
that way. I hadn't considered this as an important step to try since I had
used this procedure to install XP on another computer (the one I am using
now) just a week ago, and it worked fine.

I get my WinXP from a DVD with a number of other OS's since I had a MSDN
subscription, and this is the way it came.  It certainly isn't pirated.

I ran memtest89 last night and it indicated a large number of memory errors,
The memory (DDR 266 PC 2100) is generic, and it might not be up to the
higher bus speed.  I tried clocking down to 100mhz FSB, but still got the
same errors.  The hard drive tests returned no problems.

Thanks again for the advice.

Re: WinXP installation - Probably hardware problem

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Very cool... I'm glad (as an interested observer) that you are a little
closer to isolating your problems.

Good luck.

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