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I just got this winfast761GXK8MC 10 days ago and cannot get any post, beeps
or video. I have tried two different CPU's an amd 3400 and Septron 2600.
Also have tried two PS one 350 watt and one 450W. The ram is new and worked
in then other MB I had. My concern is where the PS connects to the board the
connector does not cover the whole insert. There are 4 pins left open. Do I
need a different kind of PS for this board? Also I get 00 error on the post
up card if that means anything.



Re: Winfast MB no post

Brian wrote:
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A power supply with a 20 pin connector, can be used with a 24 pin motherboard.
Pin 1 on the 20 pin, is the same as pin 1 on the 24 pin. That leaves 4 pins
sticking out at one end of the connector, and the latch on the PSU end won't
quite line up with the latch on the motherboard.

Your PCI POST card should go into PCI Slot #1, AFAIK. The card should have a
default value, like 0xFF or 0x00 at startup. If you see either of those
values, my guess would be the processor has not run any BIOS code at all.
Without code, there won't be any write cycles to Port 80.

Have you connected the 2x2 ATX12V connector from the power supply to the
motherboard ? If the fans are running, but no processing is going on, chances are
you forgot the 12V connector.

You can also use the motherboard beep codes for debugging. Connect the computer
case speaker to the PANEL header. You'll need motherboard, CPU (plus
power supply, computer case speaker, and the computer power on button. If no RAM
or video card is present, and if the CPU is running, you should get the "bad RAM"
or "bad video" beep patterns. If you are getting no beeps at all, that means
the CPU isn't executing code. At that point, if you've tried another power
you're left with a bad motherboard or CPU, and I'd try another motherboard if
I wasn't making progress. CPUs are tested better than motherboards, and as long
as the CPU was nicely sealed in its antistatic holder, chances are it was in
perfect shape when you got it. Motherboards are subject to a lot more handling,
including unscrupulous sellers taking returned merchandise from one customer,
and sending it to another.


Re: Winfast MB no post

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Until I read the response from Paul about it being OK to use a 20 pin PS
connector on a 24 pin mb receptor I was under the belief that one really had
to match the mb with the same PS connector, even though those extra 4 pins
are basically for PCI-Express power. However, I did a search to this
question and found differing opinions. There are 20 - 24 pin adapters that
can be purchased to plug into your 20 pin PS connector. In some cases they
apparently make the difference to the mb starting. The conclusion I draw is
that it is possible that with the adapter your mb may start.

Jan Alter

Re: Winfast MB no post

Thanks for the replies!  I was able to get it booted after conecting the 4
pin connector.  This was with the septron 2600 still no go when I try the
amd 3400 mobile cpu.

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Re: Winfast MB no post

On Fri, 5 Oct 2007 17:32:54 -0400, "Brian"

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Is the mobile 3400 supported?  

Is it stable with the Sempron?  If so, you might check on a
bios update.

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