Windows xp won't install, thinks HD's aren't there.

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HAve been having a very hard time trying to install windows xp,
but I think it's a hardware problem.

I probably fried the first C: drive by plugging it into the power
supply while
the computer was on.  After this I could not format it, and wast old
the disk was bad.  Ok then I bought a new one.

When I installed that, windows would not take.  I managed it
once by deleting the raid array in the bios for that part, then
installed it, then it  ran.  Then I added in the driver for the raid
controller.  After I managed to get the raid array set up again and
formatted in windows, I rebooted and got a BSOD.

Then I tried to re-format again, and got a message saying
the HD was unbootable,  Then when I kept trying, it simply
said there was no HD.  This was after completely disconnecting
the raid array in every way.

So then I thought, well maybe the first drive didn;t get fried after
all.  I'll try it and see.  I got the same message: no HD connected
to the computer.

So it recognizes neither IDE drive for the C: drive.  I wonder if
maybe the mobo got damaged or something. Could it be the

Re: Windows xp won't install, thinks HD's aren't there.

kohlrabi_croce says...
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Could have fried the IDE port.


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Re: Windows xp won't install, thinks HD's aren't there.

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    Why are you trying to use RAID if you are using only one drive? What
motherboard? which IDE connector? Is this PATA or SATA? You had it working,
then re-enabled RAID and screwed the installation!
Leave RAID controller disabled, RTFM to see where to connect the drive and
try resetting the BIOS with the reset jumper.


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