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If I decide on an Athlon 64 CPU should I buy Windows XP 64bit version?  What
about hardware, drives, video cards, memory, etc., should I be concerned
about that?  Also, while looking at motherboards, I saw one (I think it was
an Asus, can't remember which model though) that claimed to be the first
motherboard to be compatible with Windows XP 64bit version, what's the sense
in upgrading to 64bit if there's all kinds of compatibility problems?


Re: Windows XP 64bit

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No. Not much native 64 bit software and drivers are relatively flaky.
Wait until Vista before going 64 bit.



Same shit, different day.

Re: Windows XP 64bit

itemyar wrote:
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Here's the best way to find out:

Re: Windows XP 64bit

With all the compatibility problems that are appearing with computer
hardware and their 64 bit version drivers, I think you should hold off on 64
bit Windows, and buy a 32 bit version.  The bottom line is that it is VERY
early in the adoption curve for users to be seriously interested in 64 bit
 The AMD 64 bit CPU's are fully backward compatible with 32 bit OS's.


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Re: Windows XP 64bit

Thanks Dave, since my original post I've done a little more reading and I
agree with you; besides, as someone else has pointed out, Vista is around
the corner and it would be foolish to buy XP 64bit now!  I have a full
version of XP already, so that'll save me a few bucks.
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Re: Windows XP 64bit

On Thu, 27 Apr 2006 16:41:35 -0700, "itemyar"

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Actually, XP64 is a lot closer to mature enough to use than
Vista is.  Buying a new OS when it first hits the streets is
a recipe for beta-testing.

Buy the mature operating systems, XP or 2K for serious use.
The rest are toys until they've gone through a round or two
of service packs.

Re: Windows XP 64bit

itemyar wrote:

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I am running Win XP 64 on AMD X2 3800+ on Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe nVidia
nForce4  mobo and I am pretty happy with it so far Yes, you are correct I
did have some hardware compatibility issues, although in all fairness I
should say that it only involved rather old peripherals, such as an old
Dell all-in-one (942 I think) printer and Logitech mice that I am a great
fan of. I was able to find a workaround for the mouse, although I
literally had to buy a new model that costed me half the price of XP64
itself. Also, I was able to use my Samsung SCX4100 printer, but had to set
it as 4200, so it actually generates an error every time the PC starts.

With that said, though, I would not say that purchasing XP64 was a
mistake. It seems to be a very stable system and it handles pretty well
multiple apps I'm running. In two months I have yet to see the infamous
blue screen, even though I'm running couple device drivers not certified
for XP 64. Additionally, with brand new set of peripherals you might not
even notice the lack of hardware support because it only seems to affect
older models.

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Re: Windows XP 64bit

Thanks Dmitri,

With Vista just around the corner, I think I will hold off on Windows XP

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