will a core duo fit my chassis

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I've damaged my cpu a bit due to overheat and think I'd like to
replace with an upgrade.

Currently a P4 Intel 478pin prescott at 3.2ghz on an Asus P4C800LE
mobo.  Its in an Antec Sonata case, I think its called a midtower but
is a large case.

Will the newer INtel core duo jobs fit my case?   And can it be had in
a motherboard bundle that will fit my case?

Any good source on a motherboard bundle?

Googling around I'm finding plenty of cpu but not so much pre
installed mobo bundle.

Re: will a core duo fit my chassis

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ATX motherboards are 12" x 9.6". MicroATX are 9.6" x 9.6".
Some motherboards are made slightly smaller than the standard
size. You should have no trouble with ATX or MicroATX form
factor. Fortunately, this standard (motherboard size and hole
location) works well.

You should shop for "Core 2 Duo", sometimes described as
Conroe or Allendale. Allendale are the 2MB cache chips.
Conroe has 4MB of cache. Some vendors refer to all the
chips as "Conroe".

If you blindly go shopping for a bundle, you will need
new RAM (DDR2) and a new video card (PCI Express). There
are some hybrid boards, that mix DDR memory and AGP video
slots, for better reuse of your existing hardware. Finding
the hybrid boards and understanding how well they fit
the requirements, requires more research work on the
part of the purchaser.

For example, this is a list of motherboards with LGA775
socket and AGP slot. If you scan through the list,
there is one motherboard that lists Core2 Duo support,
but I would hesitate to buy it (the reason being,
that the chipset officially supports FSB800, and the
manufacturer overclocks it to FSB1066 when running with
Conroe). That doesn't say the board does not work, and
considering the low price of the motherboard, it might
be fun to try that motherboard first and see if it works :-)

http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Submit=ENE&N=2010200280+1070509908+1073407577&Subcategory=280&description=&Ntk=&srchInDesc =


For a cheap VIA chipset board, I would be holding out for
a motherboard based on PT880 Ultra, as it lists official
FSB1066 support for Conroe. Note that PT880 Ultra supports
both DDR and DDR2 memory, but the motherboard manufacturer
chooses what kind of memory to support.


This Asrock board has the chipset on it, but uses DDR2 memory.
DDR2 memory is quite expensive right now, which is why I cannot
ignore the fact it is being used.


If we look at a list of LGA775 boards with PCI Express video
and DDR2 memory, there is a range of prices. But the cost
of the new video card and the DDR2 memory, is probably going
to make more of a dent in your wallet, than just the motherboard
alone. You have to scan through this list manually, looking
for Core 2 Duo support, remembering that not all VIA chipsets
officially support FSB1066, and some of the cheapest boards
here are overclocking the Northbridge to run at FSB1066.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Submit=ENE&N=2010200280+1070509908+1073607587&Subcategory=280&description=&Ntk=&srchInDesc =

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping, is support for
hard drives. Boards with ICH8 Southbridge, have no ribbon
cable hard drive port on the Southbridge. Support for your
PATA hard drive, comes from a separately provided chip like
JMB363 (two SATA, one ribbon cable interface). It means needing
to install a driver via pressing F6, early in the OS install

Reviews on Newegg can identify other issues, which are still
important when it comes to being successful at building up a
system. Some motherboards are picky about their DDR2 RAM,
not because the RAM technology or the Northbridge suck, but
because the timing info stored in the SPD, and the choice of
operating conditions used in the BIOS, prevent the board
from starting. Better SPD programming by the DDR2 module
makers would help. Selecting "non-uber" run-of-the-mill
memory, like some DDR2-533 memory, can also avoid unnecessary
grief. In the case of this Gigabyte board, updating to the latest
BIOS release is also important.

(comments on Gigabyte DS3 board)


Re: will a core duo fit my chassis

nospam@needed.com (Paul) writes:

No commentary on the substance of your post as I haven't checked it
all out yet.

I do want to thank you very much for such a thorough coverage of the
subject.   When you could have just said `go googling'

I learned more from your post about what to look for and how to analyze
its worth to me than hours of googling would have brought.

In fact it was about an hour of googling on this that brought me here.

Again, thanks, its very appreciated on this end.

Re: will a core duo fit my chassis

reader@newsguy.com wrote:
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I agree with reader@newsguy.com's comments.  Your post was very informative.

In my case, I've been looking to upgrade from an AMD64-based system,
possibly to a Core 2 Duo system.  My problem is that I have a
significant investment in 1GB RAM sticks that are all DDR (vs. DDR2).

I've been searching for a new mobo that would support a full 4GB (I use
my system mainly for for development, and use MS VPC, so memory is
important), where I could re-use the DDR that I have, but it doesn't
look like there are any mobos that support Core 2 Duo and which will
also support that much DDR.

 From your post, and that link you included, it seems like manufacturers
could support DDR, but don't :(...


Re: will a core duo fit my chassis

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It say single channel memory architecture...

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There's a recent look at that board here, with reader comments:

Re: will a core duo fit my chassis

You need to change motherboards

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