Which TV Tunner Card to Buy?

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Hi, I would like some input from the group as to which TV Tuner card
to buy. I would like a high end (best value too) PCI card which can do
digital cable, remote capabilities and FM.
Recommendations please.

Below are my cores

Asus A7N8X Deluxe
AMD Athlon XP, 1921 MHz (11.5 x 167) 2600+
GeForce FX 5200 Ultra

Intel PC
Intel Pentium 4 530, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
Asus P5P800

Re: Which TV Tunner Card to Buy?

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Any of the Hauppauge PVR range.


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Re: Which TV Tunner Card to Buy?

Sammy Smith wrote:
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www.byopvr.com  <- strongly favors Hauppauge cards



www.newegg.com has user reviews, and even though this is a dealer they
include lots of negative reviews.

Check the quality of the tuner on the card because they apparently vary
a lot, and a friend of mine said that his AverMedia (AverTech) analog
card with silicon chip (i.e., no steel can) Philips tuner gives snow on
some channels even with cable TV, and I found that it's pretty sorry
for off-air TV.  OTOH my cheapo KWorld 883 with steel can Power VCR
tuner gives good reception.

Re: Which TV Tunner Card to Buy?

I have yet to see any that can handle digital, if you know of any please
post it so i can run out and snag one.  Every digital cable service i've had
REQUIRES the box, and i haven't heard of TV's yet that can directly decode
the signal without the digital box.  That in mind i HAVE heard of some
software that can interface with certain makes/models of decoder boxes via
USB or Serial to send power and channel commands.  Havent' seen any I can
implement with my setup as of yet.  I am running the ATI TVwonder Elite
card, good picture quality, however the included software SUCKS ASS, does
not include any kind of a guide service to schedule recordings.  HOWEVER it
works very well with slipstreams Beyond TV software, tried a sageTV demo and
at that time sage didn't support the ATI card, it may by now tho.  I am
running on winXPpro, have coax running all over the damn place, splitters
everywhere, one drop to a splitter before the digital box at the TV, another
line from that splitter routed under a rug, under the sofa, around the end
tables, to the back wall, under the desk to another splitter with runs up to
my cable modem and to my tv tuner card (tho it carries the digital signal,
all that can be decoded are teh analog chanels) gotta love cable.

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