Which power supply to use with SLI gaming rig.?

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Hello all. I'm planning to build a SLI gaming rig using the K8N Neo4
Platinum/SLI motherboard, AMD athlon 64 3200 cpu, (2) western digital raptor
74 gigabyte 10.000 rpm SATA HDD,  (1) 40 gigabyte Seagate EIDE UDMA 1007200
rpm backup HDD, gigabyte of PC3200 DDR 400mghz dual channel memory, 2
optical drives, a floppy drive and a NVIDIA Geforce 6600 GT PCIe video card
(I hav"nt decided what brand yet.) and I'm concerned about what PSU (power
Unit) to use. Instead of paying $175 for something like the Silverstone
ST65ZF 650W  or the Enermax EG701AX Noisetaker 600W Nvidia certified PSU. I
found the Enermax EG565P-VE FMA 535W SLI PSU for $89 on ebay which is not
certified by Nvidia but is configured for SLI . Here are the specs.

  a.. Model: EG565P-VE FMA 2.0
  b.. Maximum Power: 535W (support both 24pins and 20pins motherboards)
  c.. Voltage Rails:
    a.. +12V: 34A
      a.. +12V1: 18A
      b.. +12V2: 18A
    b.. -12V: 0.8A
    c.. +5V: 32A
    d.. +5VSB: 2.5A
    e.. +3.3V: 32A
  d.. Input Voltage: 90V~135V or 90V~265V
  e.. Input Frequency Range: 47Hz~63Hz
  f.. Input Current: 40A/115V and 80A/230V max. during cold start
  g.. Hold-up time: 17ms at 115VAC or 230VAC, full load
  h.. Over Voltage Protection: +5V: 5.5V~7.0V; +3.3V:3.76V~4.3V; +12V &
+12V2: 13.4V~15.6V
  i.. Over Load Protection: 110~160% of max load
  j.. Over current Protection: +3.3V: 55A (max); +5V: 48A (max); +12V1 &
+12V2: 20A (max)
  k.. Over Temperature Protection: Operating Ambient 10C~40C, Storage
Ambient -40C~70C
  l.. Humidity:
    a.. Operating: to 85% relative humidity, non condensing at 25C
    b.. Storage: to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing at 50C
  m.. MTBF: Greater than 100K hours at 70% of full rated load; 230VAC / 50Hz
input; 25C ambient
  n.. EMC: EN55022 Class B, EN61000-4-2 Class B, EN61000-4-3 Class A,
EN61000-4-4 Class B, EN61000-4-5 Class B, EN61000-4-6 Class A, EN61000-4-8
Class A, EN61000-4-11 Class B, FCC Part 15 & Part 2, CNS 13438 Class B
  o.. Safety: Approval UL, cUL, TV, CB
  p.. Dimension: W150 x H86 x D140 (mm)
  a.. 1 x 20/24-pin Mainboard
  b.. 1 x 4-pin P4
  c.. 2 x 6-pin PCI Express
  d.. 4 x SATA
  e.. 7 x 4-pin Molex
  f.. 2 x 4-pin FDD
  g.. 1 x Fan Monitor
and I'm thinkin why should I pay $100 for a Nvidia certified psu when the
one for $89 will work just as well. I need your imputs on this and anyone
who is using this psu, what do you think of it ?. problems etc. Also I need
to know if the 20/24-pin mainboard connection from the psu is conpatable
with the K8N Neo4 Platinum.. Your prompt replies will be appreciated.


Re: Which power supply to use with SLI gaming rig.?

On Wed, 11 May 2005 23:16:35 GMT, "Nospam"

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IMO, you're as well off avoiding ebay,

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Because they tested it to work?

Regardless, either should be fine for your system, as would
most $100 name-brand PSU.

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Am I missing something, ie- Why wouldnt' it be compatible
given it has both connectors?

It's a moderate overkill, though that's certainly better
than underkill.

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