Which of these HDD Controllers Best?

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Price aside which one is the best as far as features/performance are
The SIIG one supports NCQ and TCQ which neither of the Rosewill's does.
I will be using the adapter to connect my two Seagate 250G Barracudas.
I will not mirror or stripe them.

Links to the three cards:

Thank you very much

Re: Which of these HDD Controllers Best?


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None of them?

My point is that there will be trivial difference between
these cards on PCI bus, using same drives on either of them.

Buy the cheapest one.

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Right, only it is an SATA "II" (300) card, so if you want
those features then buy the SIIG or another SATA II (300)
card.  It's not worth the cost difference IMO, but there you

If you want best performance, forget PCI cards and buy a
motherboard with southbridge integral SATA.  If you want
best performance on a motherboard that doesn't support SATA,
buy a PATA drive- you can get a PATA 250GB drive for about
$50 after rebate, near enough to the cost of the card.

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Get the cheapest SATA card you can find, though the board
quality of some (like Koutech and Syba) are slightly lower,
but will that even matter?  Probably not.

So in summary, the SIIG may be slightly higher performance
but in the grand scheme of things it's still slower than any
modern motherboard will provide natively, and at a cost
premium relative to cards almost as fast.

Re: Which of these HDD Controllers Best?

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using for my new set of raptors. But i won't have anywhere to plug my old
Seagate drives now that's why i need the card. Right now I'm not really
looking to upgrade. Maybe when Vista comes out.

Thanks a lot of helping me out

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