Which KVM switch (USB + DVI) to get?

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I am trying to decide which KVM switch brand and model to order for my Dell
Optiplex office
machines that only use USB devices (mice and keyboards; dang it, I miss PS/2 and
VGA :P) and
flatscreen monitors (DVI). Based on cdw.com
http://tinyurl.com/pacb7 )...

I can only get Belkin, IOGEAR, and StarTech. So far, my friends like IOGear more
Belkin. I am not sure which ports I am getting (2 or 4) due to costs. 2-port
should be fine,
but 4-ports would be nice if I ever get more computers later on.

I have heard that Belkin isn't very good due to disconnections and lack of
buttons when
switching computers. I never used IOGEAR's KVM switches before, but I have been
Belkin's old VGA and PS/2 models at home and work. They work well except when
they lose
connections (easy to fix: unplug and replug) once in a while. The operating
systems will be
mostly Windows 2000, XP, and upcoming Vista.

Which one would you get? Thank you in advance. :)
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Re: Which KVM switch (USB + DVI) to get?

ANTant@zimage.com wrote:
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I tried the Belkin.  Too light to hold all the cables thus made poor
connections.  I bought an older heavier model.  No problems.  Interesting it
came down to weight.  Looking at the specs, I'd go with the IOGEAR.

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