Which graphics card to get?

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I am buying a PCI Express card for my system soon and am wondering the
difference between these cards.  I have been trying to decide between
NVidea and ATI.  From what I've read it seems the x800 is faster than
the Nvidea 6800 but yet the 7800 is faster than the X850.  
What makes my buying decision hard is I use my computer for almost
everything. I play games on it but as well use it for playing DVD's,
rendering video, graphic design, as well as general office use.  
I want a card that has HDTV outputs (DVI and component) as well as
possibly digital inputs since I plan to hook it up to a HDTV with
Any ideas of which cards I should look at?  There are so many
different companies making these cards such as ATI, ASUS,
Sapphire,Leadtek, EVGA, MSI, BFG, and PNY, etc.

Re: Which graphics card to get?

x850 would be the best to pick for gameing and also updating it would

add better peformace to it as well. i would go for the x850, i was

thinking about getting one too and replacing my 128mb radeon 9800 pro

which was the best card 2 years ago. ATI all the way

Re: Which graphics card to get?

why not wait until ATI releases their new cards in September? The 7800 is
king at the moment, and if you buy NVDVD you get a good decoder. It
certainly beats the X850, but who knows what ATI is going to release? Me, I
had a 9700 Pro 2yrs ago, and currently got a 6800GT, I like to go for the
best value for money at time of purchase.

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