Which drive would be C:

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Just curious(for learning purposes)
If I had 2 drives on the primary ide controller both of which had one
primary parition and the slave drive was active with a bootable os.
Would that work and if so which would be c and which would be d?
My guess is that it would boot and the master would be c?
Is that correct?

Re: Which drive would be C:


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yes, you'll either have a boot menu on one drive selected as
the primary drive to boot from in the BIOS, and the boot
menu would point to the other (and same) drive depending on
what you want to boot (for example the NT (XP) boot menu can
do this), OR you leave each drive alone and just choose the
other one every time you boot manually... either changing
the desired boot drive in the bios (which is a hassle unless
done very infrequently) or some boards might allow holding
down a particular key that brings up a bios specific boot
menu enumerating all the boot devices it found.  I can't
tell you what key might do that on your board if any, read
the manual and if present, hope it mentions the feature.

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The drive set in your bios to be the first boot device, that
it boots to, is the C.  When you change the bios to boot
from the other drive, then that other drive becomes C.  In
WinXP (and older NT for that matter) you can manually,
permanently assign drive letters to devices should you
desire something different.

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Not the master necessarily, just whichever is being booted-
and then the OS takes over and can override it but in DOS it
would remain that the booted drive is C regardless of it's
master or slave designation.

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