Which AthlonXP MB????

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My ECS K7S5A finally crapped out and I just want something to tide me
over till next year when dual core will be pretty much mainstream. Not
looking for anything exotic; just the basics: something stable,
USB2.0, LAN, 5PCI. I've been checking Anand and Toms but there are so
many choices, who can decide?

PS are there IDE > SATA adapters if I want to use my IDE drives with a


Re: Which AthlonXP MB????

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Abit AN7. Has 2 SATA ports as well.


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Re: Which AthlonXP MB????

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High-end, Asus A7N8X-Dlx
Middle and high-end for overclocking, Abit A7N or NF7-S(2?)
Low-end, Shuttle MN35N.
Trend here is they're nForce2 400 based boards.

At this late date I wouldn't expect you to go with the
low-end as all the socket A boards now cost less, having
been displaced technologically, than in their prime.

Unless you run out of IDE positions, don't use an SATA
adapter as there is no benefit from it, even a significant
penalty if the board you choose has a *discrete* SATA
chipset rather than a southbridge-integral SATA feature.

Re: Which AthlonXP MB????

kony wrote:
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I have the A7N8X 400 and it works just fine.  Just get the latest most
up to date version you can find.  The Ultra version is not worth any
more unless you plan on using 2 Nic Cards for a server or something like
that. I have never used 2 Nics at the same time yet.

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