Where oh where have the agp 6800's gone?

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Hi, my fx5900 just isnt holding it's own anymore so i'm giving it the
kick. As a replacement i briefly considered the vanilla 6800 with
fingers crossed for 16 functional pipes, but eventually settled on a
nice (agp) 6800gt only to find that zipzoomfly has absolutely none of
any brand in stock...

What's the deal with the agp 6800gt's being so hard to get? Anyone know?

Honestly, how many people have been able to enable all the pipes on the
6800 without artifacts? (how many havent?)

I'd fork out the extra $100 and get a 7800, but that means pci express
time and i really dont have the energy for a new motherboard. The old P4
2.4C @ 3.4 seems to be aging really well so theirs no drive to change on
this front. Is their any reason i'm overlooking to jump onto the pci
express bandwagon?

Thanks! Jesse.

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