Where do I start?

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Hi Folks, I have a small home build project that I'd like to do but
have no idea where to start.  The machine I am hacking apart is a Dell
Dimension 3000, 3gig with 1gig ram.   I'd like to buy a new
motherboard, but I am not sure what to get yet because I read all
about dual this and multi that and since I'm new to this, I'm
confoozled. :)  I read about running large apps on one proccesor while
the other proccesor does andother task and I like the idea of this
because it sound like it won't bog down as much when using large apps.

Are there any FAQ's around or advice?
Many thanks,

Re: Where do I start?

Coconut wrote:

"  Are there any FAQ's around or advice?  "


Re: Where do I start?

Your Dell power supply unit has proprietary connectors that will not fit an
industry standard motherboard.  And an industry standard power supply unit
will not fit in Dell's proprietary case.  I would pick a different 'small


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Re: Where do I start?

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 16:16:22 -0700, "DaveW"

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"Usually", no, most desktop midtower Dell PCs do not use a
proprietary connector.  Actually even back a few years ago
when they were proprietary, the problem was not a
proprietary connector, it was that they used a standard
connector but had wired it differently, and added the blade
style connector to suppliment 3V power.

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