Where can I get a cheap low-power amplifier?

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Where can I get a cheap low-power amplifier?

    There are very few available. One source is to buy a cheap boom
    box and only use the amplifier. Another source is Radio Shack.
    A third alternative is to buy a car stereo booster and get a
    12V power supply for it. Finally, you can build an amp pretty
    easily if you are handy, but it probably won't be that cheap.
    Mark V Electronics, for example, sells 20 watt amp kits for
    under $30 and 80 watt amp kits for under $150. Sound Values
    has a 60 watt amp kit complete for about $200, and Old Colony
    sells some amp kits for a bit more. All three, Mark V, Old
    Colony, and Sound Values kits have been built by satisfied
    rec.audio.* posters, although quality of the Mark V kit is
    lower than the others. (See 11.15, 11.16, 11.17)

Mark V Electronics, Inc.
8019 E. Slauson Avenue
Montebello, CA 90640
Tel: 800-423-FIVE (orders outside Canada)
800-521-MARK (orders in Canada)
213-888-8988 (catalog/info) Fax: 213-888-6868

Re: Where can I get a cheap low-power amplifier?

On Sun, 05 Aug 2007 01:32:14 -0700,
dogkicksemiotic@hotmail.com wrote:

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First, you need to better define the requirements.  "Cheap"
only says that you are greedy, tryiing to get more than you
deserve for the money, supposedly.

Even so, there is a vast gulf in what is common per any
given $, and what really suits your particular needs.

Unfortunately, you did not mention what your (very precise)
needs are.  There are myriad options for a ~ 20W amp.  IF
you are only looking for the "easy" way out look at some
computer speaker systems but even then, you don't mention
how many channels and what frequency per channel is

We need a lot more info.  If you just want a random example,
you could build a "gainclone" (Google for it) of any output
power you wanted instead of the max a gainclone could
provide (at higher expense).  The most simple DIY option is
probably building around an LM4755 (or similar) due to the
low part count and allowance for a single-rail supply
already factored for in the respective chip documentation.

Whether it costs $30, or $80, or more, depends a lot on your
resourcefulness in obtaining parts and building it.  If you
only want a generic cheap option, get a Sonic Impact T-amp
and add a separate powered subwoofer.  Note that I have not
mentioned speakers yet, for any given wattage your speakers
will matter as much if not more than the amp.

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