When do you set up RAID arrays?

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Building a new system for Windows VISTA ( i have release candidate 1).
I'm only using 1 SATA hard drive, so I can't set up a RAID array. But
I don't remember from my last build when I set up RAID on those 2
drives. I know you install the SATA drivers during Windows install
(F6...S...all that) Is that when that RAID setup begins? or after the
next re-boot?
I doesn't really matter, I'm not RAIDing anyway, just wondering; I
kinda expected to see the RAID setup after I installed the drive. I
havent installed any OS yet.

Re: When do you set up RAID arrays?

On Tue, 26 Dec 2006 15:37:57 -0500, sdeyoreo@hotmail.com

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Process is as follows:

Install the 2nd drive, physically

Set up the logical config of the raid array in the raid bios
From this point forward, 2 drives are one logical drive
(unless you'd call JBOD, an array)

Proceed to put something on the one logical drive, like a
partition(s), a filesystem(s), an OS, etc.

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