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What would you buy?

Amd am2 4000+ x2 or Intel core duo e6300

Re: What would you buy?

Vedran Lini? wrote:
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This web page has benchmarks. One problem with this chart, is they did not
do benchmarks for E6300. So, what you have to do, is take the execution time
for the E6400, and multiply by the ratio of CPU clock speeds. If you look
at the E6600 and E6700 benchmark results, they scale pretty well with clock
rate, so you can take the E6400 result and scale by 2.13/1.86 or 1.145x to
get a benchmark result for the E6300.

That means this Photoshop benchmark takes 2:26 for E6400 and 2:47 for E6300.
The 4000+ takes 3:14 for the same test. Ratio 3:14 / 2:47 = 194/167 = 1.16
in the E6300 processor's favor. So the E6300 is 16% better.


Check the other benchmark charts, to find benchmarks representative of what
you use the computer for.


Re: What would you buy?

The Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 will run applications faster.  Check out Tom's
Hardware's web site on the internet.


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