What upgrading options I have ????

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I have Abit KR7A

1 GIG Memory
120GB & 160GB Maxtor HD
all slots populated.

This mobo would talke Max. 2000.  I want such a Mobo which would take
all the Assets I have got and take fastest CPU available.

What choices I have got.  Could anybody help please !!!!!

Re: What upgrading options I have ????

Let me be more specific - that is what I have at the moment :

Abit KR7A-133







I only want to replace my motherboard and CPU and use the cards,
memory and other cards which I have already got. I don't mind if the
new mobo comes with onboard sound, LAN or whatever.

Re: What upgrading options I have ????

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006 22:42:57 GMT, bigdaddy

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What speed?
You're getting no responses because you ask for something
specific without supplying ALL the details necessary to
determine requirements.

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So you only have 3 PCI cards?
So you don't actually need to use "the cards" because you
don't need an ethernet card on a newer board if it's
integrated.  Do you need the SB live?

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Of course you don't mind, it wouldn't matter if you did as
they can be disabled.  What matters is whether having the
features means you are not going to install the redundant
PCI cards?

Do you "need" to reuse the video card?

What's the budget?
What's the most demanding use of the system?

Generally speaking, you won't get a much faster setup if you
need to reuse the memory, unless you had bought faster
memory than the system needed originally so it's more
supportive of higher mem bus speeds.  For example most
modern Athlon platforms use PC3200 and while "some" might
allow running slower memory bus, it's a performance
reduction and we don't know whether that reduction will
matte without knowing why you are upgrading, for what
specific purpose since above parts are more than enough for
office/email/etc, general-purpose uses.  Fastest CPU is of
little use if everything else is bottlenecking it.

Generally speaking, considering the desire to reuse those
parts I'll assume it's desirable to have lowest cost for the
upgrade, and that you need AGP slot.  nForce3 board, Athlon
64 3400 is about $160 on http://www.pricewatch.com or if the
budget won't stretch for $160 CPU, a slower Athlon 64/skt
754 or Sempron.  If the budget stretches much higher, you'd
be better off moving to nForce4, getting a PCI Express video
card for it, and possibly new memory.  I don't know how well
(if at all) any particular board will run async (slower)
memory bus so your memory is a limitation.

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