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Hi all, I powered up my computer yesterday and the mouse was frozen so I
rebooted thinking it would fix it, as it usually does, and the monitor shuts
off like it was not receiving a signal from the computer no more. The power
light was on, but the HD light was not flickering as normal.  After an hour
or so of turning off the CPU power and hitting the reset button, it
suprisingly turned on for me.   I then received a message during the boot up
that says" Overclocking has failed! press F1 to setup system" or something
like that.  I hit F1 and did not make any changes, just hit save and exit,
and windows continued to load.  This morning it did the same thing, out of
frustration, I opened it up and pulled out all the cards and the RAM and
re-seated it all.  It seemed to work, but now I'm afraid to turn off my
system.  Any ideas what could be wrong? As far as I know, I am not
overclocking my system.  Thanks for any help.

My computer is homebuilt by myself with the following:
HP Pavillion F1903 Monitor
ASUS P4P8X MoBoard
MSI FX5600 Vid card
Corsair TWINX512-2700 x2 (1GB total)
Sony DRU510 DVD/CD
Western Digital 300GB HD
Seagate 80GB HD
HP DVD Writer DVD630e

Re: What to do?

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    What CPU? What PSU, make and rating? Disable Quick Start option in BIOS
and check that CPU is detected at correct speed.

Re: What to do?

2 other possibilities,  bad power supply, or battery low in CMOS.  my
neighbour had the same problem sort of , his chipset would always read 1800
instead of 2400, and we allways had to reset in CMOS,  battery was dead, put
a new one in, no problems

just a suggestion,


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