What port number is a usb port?

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I have some software which should connect to a weather station via a USB
lead, but the software tells me to look in device manager to see what
port no. the usb connector has been assigned. There is no option for
USB, only com ports 1 to 14
Well, I have looked but am no wiser as I have 6 USB ports of which 5 are
in use.

Any ideas?


Re: What port number is a usb port?

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You`ll have to experiment a bit Bob.
In Dev.manager dbl/click on each of the com ports,
in turn.
And see if you can see what`s assigned to it.

Re: What port number is a usb port?

meerkat wrote:
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Thanks but none of my com ports (1 and 2) are in use, and dbl clicking
on the USB thingys in Device Manager just says Location 0 for those whch
aren't connect to any printer. So thats a lot of help.

Thanks anyway.

Re: What port number is a usb port?

Bob H wrote:
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Maybe the USB chip on the weather station, isn't custom designed
for the application ?

The USB chip could be a USB to serial port adapter, and then the
rest of the weather station actually has a serial port for
delivering the data. Sort of the marriage of a new technology,
with an old design.

What they might be hinting at, is to look for a "virtual COM port",
which is used for USB to serial adapters. Then, their application
software "talks to" the virtual COM port. Virtual COM port numbers
are assigned, as port numbers higher than any existing physical
(real) COM ports.

If the USB side of things, provided a serial number as part of its
enumeration, then the "virtual COM port" won't change each time
the weather station is plugged in. But if the device does not have
a unique serial number, then a different virtual COM port could
be assigned each time, and the port number would increment past the
old value. And that could be why they are warning you to inspect
the virtual COM port number, so that their application software,
can find the device.

To inspect USB devices, when plugged in, try this Microsoft utility.
This may help you determine whether they are using a USB to
serial port converter, inside the weather station.



Re: What port number is a usb port?

Bob H wrote:
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This utility is sometimes of help in situations such as you describe:


John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: What port number is a usb port?

If you look in the ports section of the device manager you should see USB
Serial Port (COMx) where the x is the port number. If you don't see this you
may not have the correct drivers for the usb device installed. You are using
windows aren't you?

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