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Currently have three computers at home... All are AMDs with MSI mobos
that I've assembled...

My higher end computer I use for my 2D/3D stuff...It currently is an
AMD XP 2500 (Barton) with 1 gig of memory... I'm a light gamer and
play an occassional Age of Empires...But most of the time I'm using
Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Gimp, Vue D'Esprit, Bryce, Blender3D,

I also do some video editing and dvd authoring...

Right now there two candidates of cpu/mobos within my budget...

One is the AMD A64 3200 the other is the Pentium D 805... The A64 has
a faster clock speed but the D 805 is dual core...

I also realize I may have to replace my ram (DDR) and video card

Any thoughts Amd 3200 or Pentium D 805... An AMD X2 3800 is currently
out of my budget... So please don't even suggest :-)



Re: What mobo / cpu

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I doubt if the amd 3200 would be enough of an improvement to your xp2500
  to make it worth it...

seriously...you should save up for the X2...
and if you are real lucky...by the time you have enough $$$$ for it...
the price will have gone down

i recently built an X2 machine...and though i may not be able to afford
new clothes for a while...it was worth it!

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