what kind of PowerSupply?

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Hi i currently have an Asus p4p800-e deluxe, 3ghz p4(overclocked to
3.6), a thermaltake bigwater cooler, 1gig ram, 256mb nvidia, 2 maxtor
HD(40g and 160g), one sony DRu-810A,, couple of fans. what kind of
power supply would you guys recomend me to use, how many watts? cuss
i had a 650w Chiefmax power supply which blew up yesterday after i
used it for only a couples of months. thank you in advance

How many watts and what brand?  :D

Re: what kind of PowerSupply?

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256MB nVidia, what, exactly?  Video card can be 2nd or 3rd
largest consumer, details can matter here.

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Well the Chiefmax shouldn't even be legal to sell in any 1st
world nation, not rated for anything over 350W (that being

Get a major name-brand supply spec'd for at least 22A on 12V
rail as a ballpark.  Little higher would give you more
margin.  That's generally a 400W supply and up, depending on
how old the design is (newer designs often having more 12V
amps as you need).

Re: what kind of PowerSupply?

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http://www.pcpowercooling.com/home /

Re: what kind of PowerSupply?

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A 500W of any decent make is more than enough. A 420W Enermax will do.


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Re: what kind of PowerSupply?

my nvidia is a geforce 5500 i no it old but it still ok

Re: what kind of PowerSupply?

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006 04:31:24 GMT, no@spam.invalid (silence911) wrote:

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I've just been researching my next power supply and I've decided on
the OCZ Powerstream 520w (33amps on the +12v rail), supports  ATX,
BTX, SATA, P4, and EPS12V, 5 year warranty.  It's a bit more than you
require but that just means you are likely covered for any future


Here's a good forum post on what you need to know about PSU's with
many recommendations and which to avoid.


If you want relatively inexpensive and good then I would look at
Fortron/Sparkle in the 500w range. Make sure it has support for 24/20
pin or else you will have to buy an adapter. The OCZ comes with the
adapter already, which I believe you will have to use on your current


Re: what kind of PowerSupply?

silence911 wrote:

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http://takaman.jp has an estimator, and it gives not only overall watts
but also amps for each voltage rail.  All PSU estimators overestimate,
except maybe PC Power & Cooling's, but this one overestimates less than
most.  However it's usually way too low on the +3.3V amps, and you
should double or even triple its estimate of this.

Ignore 95% of the reviews because they're junk.  Some (all?) of the few
good ones are at JohnnyGuru.com, SLCentral.com (Johnny Guru does
theirs), SilentPCReview.com, XbitLabs.com, 3DVelocity.com,
TomsHardware.com, and Hexus.net.  Be sure the reviewer measures amps or
watts and not just volts and that their "full load" is really a full
load, i.e., 400W for a 400W PSU, 500W for a 500W PSU, etc., and not
just a computer running a game or benchmark and drawing only about

The PSU forums at www.overclockers.com and www.hardocp.com have some
sticky posts with expert advice about how much power is needed (rarely
over 300W, provided the quality is good) and what brands are best --
and worst.

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Fortron-Source, AKA Sparkle, Hi-Q, PowerQ, Powertech, Trend -- some of
the best PSUs but also some of the cheapest, like < $30 for 300W,
$40-50 for 400-450W.

Avoid the Antec NeoHE because it's incompatible with some mobos and
reportedly has even caused hardware damage.  Other Antecs are OK, and
sometimes they're offered with a rebate that can make them dirt cheap
(I've gotten 300-350W Antecs for $5-25, sometimes including an OK

If you're going to spend a lot, you may as well buy a PC Power &
Cooling, but I'd much rather get a couple of Fortron-Source PSUs
instead so I'd have a spare and also some money left over.  Also
remember that PCP&C rates its PSUs at 50 Celcius rather than the usual
25C, meaning they're underrated by at least 15% compared to others'.

Other top quality makes include Lite-On, Win-tact, Zippy, Delta,
NMB/Mineba, and Etasis, but they're usually found only in OEM machines
(dumpster diving?) or on the surplus computer or electronics market.

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