What is the Fastest MHz/GHz Clock Speed For the Intel P3 Slot 1 Processor/CPU?

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What is the fastest clock speed (in MHz or in GHz) for the Intel P3
Slot 1 Processor/CPU that Intel sold?  The reason that I ask is that I
have a Tyan S1834 Tiger 133 Dual Processor Slot 1 motherboard.  I
currently have 2 X P3 933MHz CPU's in my current configuration and
would like to get the fastest P3 Slot 1 processor.  I know that the
P3's went up to 1.3 GHz clock speed but I have never seen one this
speed in the Slot 1 form factor.  With this in mind, does anyone know
what is the fastest clock speed Slot 1 that was produced and sold by

Also, is the P3 Xeon Slot (I am not sure which Slot it is) form factor
CPU the same as Slot 1?  I am specifically referring to the P3 Xeon
that is the Slot form factor and NOT the flat chip form factor.  Thus,
will the P3 Xeon CPU/Processor fit in my Slot 1 motherboard?

Re: What is the Fastest MHz/GHz Clock Speed For the Intel P3 Slot 1 Processor/CPU?

On Sat, 23 Jun 2007 20:43:17 -0700, NIV Consulting

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1.13GHz, but some of them were *defective* at that speed,
more commonly it was around 1.1GHz (what the core was
capable of, unless you raised the voltage.  "IF" you had a
good specimen of CPU and raised the voltage, 1.2-1.35GHz was
obtainable, in fact for quite a while I held onto a Celeron
600MHz as a gem because it o'c to 1.2GHz.

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Your board's chipset is 694X, not 694T.  Therefore, it
supports coppermine P3 but not Tualatin.  Therefore, the
1.3GHz P3 is not supported.  You "might" be able to get a
Tualatin P3 to work with a socket adapter, but nothing like
this existed for the slot 1 processors, you'd need more
hands-on hardcore contact-covering and soldering to make it

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I think you are a little too concerned today, about
"fastest" for such an old platform, as anything made today
(except for lowest end junk)  will be quite a bit faster (in
single CPU configurations too), than a dual 1GHz platform.
That's not to slight the 694X chipset, it was a nice chipset
to use as it supported AGP4X, higher density memory, and
typically ATA100, while other PC133 alternatives like i815
were castrated to only support 512MB of memory.

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