What drives you to upgrade?

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I am currently running a 900MHz AMD based system to get the Internet
with, but the New version of Doom III means I don't have enough machine
to run it.

Seems a silly reason to pay a bunch of cash (or credit as the case may
be) but sometimes your birthday comes early. :])

In the past there seems to be two different reasons to upgrade; the
hardware is challenged and something new came out which it just won't do
OR some new groovy tech came out and you just had to have it.

I've been doing SCSI since it 1st came out but while I've set them up
for other people I've never run a RAID in my own computer, same with
Networking for a living but not running a full time server at the house
for any appreciable time.

So, some hardware cravings still exist. In fact I've been craving an
Athlon 64, but for no other reason than its.... coool.


Re: What drives you to upgrade?

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What drives me to upgrade?
Whatever choice bit of kit turns up at the local tip!
Currently running a 933Mhz PIII, which is fine for my uses - but I
picked up a 1.9Ghz PIV plus moboard for a couple of quid, including
some DDR ram, and it seems silly not to make use of it.

I only moved up from W95 OSR2 because I wanted decent usb support.

Funnily enough, I might downgrade my laptop...had been using a
Thinkpad 700 (266Mhz) for years - but picked up a K6 550Mhz lappy for
20 ( password protected bois...dismantled it, removed cmos battery,
sorted ) which is faster and slicker..but much noiser ( the 770 is
practically silent )...and the Trident Cyberblade vga card won't play
Duke Nukem Atomic :(


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Re: What drives you to upgrade?

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Not silly at all.  In the past, new software drove my upgrades.  I
resisted getting a CD player, for example, until nothing I wanted was
available on floppies.

I'm currently thinking of upgrading my Media Server computer, because it
takes a long time to rip/render/convert video DVDs.  

My current mobo will take a much faster processor, so I'm thinking of
starting with that.  And a bigger hard drive, of course.

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Re: What drives you to upgrade?

GO out and blow some money on a good computer. There is no way that
machine can handle a game like Doom 3 without being laggy and/ or on
very low graphics.i recommend these settings for you (if you want 64

ASUS A8V Deluxe (newest version, forgot what it was)
AMD 64 3500+ (lower if you want, as long as its  939)
ASUS ATI X600 128mb (GeForce will not work as good on HL2 and Doom 3)
1gb of good ram e.g kingston, corsair to name a few
Just use on board sound but try to get a few extra drivers (if you can
) for it.

The good thing about this kind of chip (939) is that it will be
upgradinble in the future. The current 940 and 754 will be soon be
outdated as AMD are trying to get rid of these. The 939 how ever will
stay the standard chip fro AMD 64.

By buying componenets from the same manufacturer there will be less
compadibility problems if any and i have found that it runs a little
faster and is more stable. If you want to get corsair ram go to thier
site www.corsair.com and go to the compadibilty test buy
"the ram guy" It will state every single corsair ram module
compadible with the A8V.

Re: What drives you to upgrade?

On Sat, 16 Apr 2005 09:24:43 +0000,
blak_stallion02@hotmail-dot-com.no-spam.invalid (GlimmerMan) wrote:

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I suspect the 754 will be around longer as the sempron platform.

There's an E core sempron now that overclocks to some gawd awful high
speed.  No 64bit though. Good for the next year or two.

The idea that you're going to use a current motherboard for very long
is kind of humorous to me.  We 're in the middle of a big change over
from IDE and AGP to the newfangled buses.  The 939 socket will have to
be replaced for DDR2 memory also and you'll need that in the future
for higher speeds and more memory.

Re: What drives you to upgrade?

Yeah, yeah.  I am planning an AMD 64 of some kind in the future.

1 Gig or RAM is minimum. Hah hah, oh for the good ol days.


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