Web sites and programers seem to care little about input from end user...

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Why is it that programmers and web designers seem to care so little
about the end user.  I have used several program that I felt could be
improved by a very simple change and could find no way to contact the
Or I've been to a web site that has music blasting, had very tiny text
on a background of nearly the same color.

Yet, in both these cases, it has been impossible to find something so
simple as a little CONTACTMEHERE link.

Usually if they have something even close it is a redirect to a FAQ.

If you don't want to see what people have to say about your product,
don't make it.  Before I buy a program, I see how easy it is to    get
an actual email address for someone related to the products creation
or distribution.

Am I the only one that thinks it is too difficult to contact these
people?  Perhaps so.                  

Thanks for letting me post my 1 cent worth of BS.


Re: Web sites and programers seem to care little about input from end user...

On Sun, 29 Apr 2007 03:27:54 -0400, Debora Landcaster

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You might be looking for a single answer that doesn't apply
to all cases.

Some possible reasons;

-  They don't care if you like it, it was a non-profit work

-  They don't care if you like it, it was for-profit but
they've been paid already.  Plus, if they give you *all* you
want on one version of their software, instead of just
enough to make you want it, would you buy the next version
which is addt'l income for them?

-  They were contracted to do the work, are not directly
assocated with website or software owner.

-  They realize everyone will not agree on what is best.
They realize that one person who is prone to complain
(whether it be a subjectively fair complaint or not) does
not necessarily represent the majority of users.  Would you
feel better if you had an address to make suggestions, spent
the time doing that, but then it was as if all your
suggestions were just cast into a black hole, if they
ignored them or even deleted the email immediately?

-  They designed it the way /they/ wanted it.  If you want
your idea implemented, write that software or build that
website for yourself.

-  Contact links tend to be spambot magnets.  Some people
removed them a few years ago, or others now have online
forms to submit email instead of links.  Sometimes even
these are just token gestures, there may be a mailbox but
nobody reading the mail, is it useful to have a contact link
if, when you use it, your message doesn't actually contact

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While I agree with you that in many cases it is frustrating
to have to do a lot of looking around or even failing to
find contact information in some cases, I find this last
idea of yours a bit wrong.

If they want to make a product, who are you to dictate what
they do?  If they don't offer contact info or support, and
it's a problem for you, don't buy the software.  If they DO
offer support or a warranty, etc, then it is another matter
that they are *reasonably* obligated to provide *some* kind
of avenue for their paying customers.

If you didn't pay them, no matter how polite they may seen
to be IF they did respond to an email you wrote, in the back
of their minds they may be thinking "what a whiney control
freak this person is".  They might be right or wrong, but
ultimately just as you have ideas about how things should
be, someone else did too and that determined the *thing* you
dislike enough to prompt your contact, which seems to be a
complaint really.

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Yes that is a good idea, particularly if the product or
license you buy may require contacting the company.  Don't
expect to contact the designer or coder for software or a
website/etc though, you will reach whoever is available and
willing (or paid, ordered by management, etc) to receive
email or phone calls.

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Maybe it was an oversight that a company didn't provide
contact info or hid it.  Maybe it wasn't, maybe they don't
want you contacting them.  Maybe the service or product is
being offered *as-is*, take it or leave it.

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