Water Cooling - Advice re positioning the radiator...

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I'm planning to get the new Corsair Hydro H100.

I'd appreciate some advice about the placement of the radiator.

I will be fitting it inside a Coolermaster stacker STC-01 case.

There is a grilled aperture in the base of the tower which is just the right
size and it would be easy and very convenient to mount the rad on the
grille. See image here http://www.tweakguides.com/images/Hardcon_10.jpg

I'm just not sure how effective it would be to have the radiator exhaust
fans venting downwards to the floor. There are wheels on the tower so its
approx 30mm off the floor.

Does anyone have an idea how well this might work?

Thanks for your time.

Ian I^)

Re: Water Cooling - Advice re positioning the radiator...

Ian R wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The empirical approach would be, to listen to the fan speed of the two 120mm
fans, as the case gets closer and closer to the floor. If you hear the fan
speed change, then that means the 30mm gap is giving back-pressure or resistance

When there are multiple fans involved, you also have to ensure you've got
sufficient vent space on the case, so the fans aren't "starved". On one of
my cases, it meant removing some plastic trim pieces, so there would be a
larger intake vent. My big cooling fan "sounded like a vacuum cleaner",
until I opened up more vents.

You could always build a "stylish framework", to elevate the computer case,
and take the place of the function of the wheels. If the stand isn't too
wobbly, the case should be OK.

Even a "custom computer table", with a hole in the table that matches where
the lower vent is located, would work. (The advantage there, is minimal changes
to the case itself, leave the wheels on.) It all depends on your empirical
as to whether that is necessary or not.


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