Waiting for Ad Server(?)/Stats Server Problem Online

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All, I hope somebody can help:

-The problem I am trying occurs when I try to enter sites I am
interested in from home and the sites simply don't load.

-Netscape /IE says in the bottom left corner that it is waiting for
Stats server or Ad server. A banner or text box loads, but not the
content I want, alternatively the page doesn't load at all.

-Initially when I came across this problem I assumed that it was simply
a problem with the server at the other end. However I never have
problems accessing these sites from work.... ! The problem only occurs
when I try accessing from home.

I have tried running the machine Safe mode with networking enabled and
the problem is still present. Tried both browsers.. I am not aware of
any settings that can cause the behaviour and at the moment I do not
think the problem is with my machine. I suspect my broadband ISP -
Homechoice UK...

The sites I am having problems with are among others:

http://dictionary.reference.com/ (doesn't load - says "waiting for

(anything but the root  page on this site refuses to load!!!

(Deloitte's experienced hire page... hangs while waiting for 'site stat')

And many more... I am going to have to change ISP if I can't find a
solution... I do not understand what the problem could be...
I have a 1Mb connection and most sites load fine and very fast.
What have the above sites got in common... ???

Very grateful for help or advice!

Re: Waiting for Ad Server(?)/Stats Server Problem Online

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 20:47:29 +0000, Johanna

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It's using javascript to load a banner ad.
Maybe (re?)installing java.
Try opening a command prompt
(in winxp, Start->run->"CMD")
and pinging that,
"ping servedby.advertising.com".
I just did, it does respond to a ping.
If it doesn't respond, tracert it at the command prompt,
"tracert servedby.advertising.com"

If you have a popup blocker running, some of the sites may
(not popup).  Maybe you have some of these on your browser's
restricted 'sites list or a hosts file blocking the ads
(though I do and they still loaded ok).

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Is it possible you're trying these 'sites at peak times of
day and the ad servers are simply overwhelmed?
Even so, the main 'site content was loading, you might have
some browser problem.  Try scanning for adware/spyware/etc
and then reinstalling the browser.

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Try that ping I listed above.  If it goes through, I think
you have a java or browser config problem on your end, not
an ISP problem.

Re: Waiting for Ad Server(?)/Stats Server Problem Online


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  Have you tried disabling JavaScript?

  I was able to load <http://dictionary.reference.com/ without Java
or JavaScript, but I see that it has a JavaScript to load a banner
from 'servedby.advertising.com'.


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