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i have 2gb of dual channel pc3200 ram in my amd 4000 system. i set the
virtual memory to zero to defrag my hard drive about a week ago. i noticed
that i had not reset it afterwards, i usually would set it to a fixed size,
2048mb. i have not  noticed any performance loss in windows without the
virtual memory. could you run your system fine without it?

Re: virtual memory

Carl wrote:

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Virtual memory is for when you are short of system RAM so the hard drive is
used to swap things in and out. You apparently have more RAM than your
system knows what to do with so there's no need for virtual storage.

Re: virtual memory

David Maynard left a note on my windscreen which said:

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I did notice one problem when I ran without a page file with 2GB - one
of my games (I belive Battlefield Vietnam) refused to load with no
paging file set.

Apart from this I haven't experienced any other problems.

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Re: virtual memory

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005 07:21:10 +0000 (UTC), "Carl"

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IF you have your system set to use a pagefile, it _will_
write to that page file even before you run out of physical
memory.  Not a lot (of data), but it may still happen quite
frequently... this frequency I'm unsure of.

Running without the pagefile should indeed slightly speed up
the system.  However, like another poster I too found that
games can crash even when there was a small pagefile (set to
a ramdrive as an intermediate test of whether "any" swapfile
would resolve the problem, if a small one would suffice- it
was set to 64MB, IIRC).  The system had not come near
running out of physical memory, and still Half Life 2 would
crash- not immediately but perhaps every 25 minutes or so
(on average).  It was clearly the pagefile that caused it,
(or rather, the fix was...)  going back to a traditional
pagefile resulted in no further crashes for the dozen or so
hours more it took to finish the game.

What I usually prefer to do regarding the swapfile, is limit
the size of the OS partition to only a smaller percentage of
the whole disk, under 12GB, such that the next partition is
still a relatively fast part of the disk,  and place the
swapfile at the beginnning of this 2nd parititon.  That is,
on systems with only one HDD.

Re: virtual memory

The recommended amount of "virtual + real memory, (ram)", is 2Gb
A swapfile, (pagefile), is needed more in XP than in previous windows, due
to the way memory is used.

256Mb ram set the initial and maximum to 1792Mb each

512Mb ram set the initial and maximum to 1536Mb each

1024Mb ram set the initial and maximum to 1024Mb each

2048Mb ram set the initial and maximum to 200Mb each

Having no swapfile is not recommended, as instability can arise.
Having the swapfile on a second hard disk, (not a partition, but a real
physical drive), in also beneficial.

Use disk keeper to put this swapfile in the best position, (normally at the
beginning), on the second drive, for increased performance.

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Re: virtual memory

thanks for the info. i had brothers in arms crash on me regularly, so i set
the pagefile to 2048 fixed size

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