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I have a 17" Viewsonic G771 crt monitor.  When I cleaned the
screen recently there seemed to be a thin residue remaining.  
On closer inspection it appears to be on the surface of the
crt.  Since it appeared since the last time I cleaned the
screen, say 6 weeks ago, I'm presuming that the seal between
the screen and the crt has failed.  The monitor works just

If I release the front piece of the case, will I be able to
clean the crt?  I can not find a repair/service manual and so
do not know how the case, screen and crt are 'connected'.


Be well,


Re: Viewsonic monitor question

Tim wrote:
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It is possible the screen had an AR (antireflective coating), which
got damaged by the solvent you used. You may have cleaned the AR
coating off a part of the screen (I've done that).

The description here calls the coating "ARAG".


Re: Viewsonic monitor question

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Hello Paul,

I thought about that.  But, with the right light I can see the
spacer between the screen & crt.  The 'dust' is clearly on the
crt.  Just hoping the screen is attached in such a way it can
be removed and perhaps resealed (after the crt is cleaned).

Thanks for finding those original marketing pieces.  Amazing
how they're nearly identical to the current ones ... except
for the model numbers ... <g>

Be well,


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