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System is homebuilt, running Windows 2000. Asus K8V mobo.  Video card is
a Powercolor Radeon 9600 Pro.  Monitor is a brandspankingnew Samsung
SyncMaster 204B.

I have DVI problems which appear to be USB related in some weird way.
I've been having USB problems with this system, and DVI problems, until
now I thought they were separate issues.

Problems booting - black screen w/cursor would appear right when the
Windows boot screen should have - would be fixed if I unplugged most of
my USB devices.  USB devices plugged into the motherboard's onboard USB
ports would be flakey or not work at all, though they're working fine on
the addin card that plugs into jumpers on the mobo.  Assumed that
possibly my mobo is going out - it's always been a bit weird with USB on
boot sometimes, but nothing I haven't been able to work around.

Problems with video - if it booted normally, would go black with a
blinking white cursor right after the windows boot screen, when the
blueandarrow would normally appear.  Or, would suddenly go blank during
use.  Monitor would act like it was unplugged from the video card - no

I've only seen these problems on the DVI connection; I haven't booted it
much with VGA except during troubleshooting, but no problems with VGA noted.

It's definitely something to do with this monitor, it's drivers, or DVI
itself - never a problem with my old (and I do mean OLD), VGA only monitor.

I used Device Manager to update the video drivers, Windows Update did
find new ones.  In the process, the monitor's drivers asked to be
reinstalled as well.  Thought that fixed it until now:

The big clue that these are related:  I stuck my Logitech mouse in it's
charger, and my screen went blank.

So, what do I do now? Uninstall all the USB ports/hubs?  Problem with
that is this keyboard's USB, I don't have a working PS/2 keyboard.  I
have a broken one, some keys don't work (it had a drinking problem).

Is there such a thing as updated mobo USB drivers?  The mobo's pretty
old, there isn't a BIOS any newer than the last one I updated (ages ago).

Any advice appreciated.


Re: Video vs USB

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006 22:22:06 +0930, jmc

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More likely the boot sequence is stopped because of the
board bios, enumerating these devices that windows can't
handle.  Perhaps more simple than that would be if your
board is running them off 5VSB and has insufficient 5VSB
current, in which case you might try looking for a 5V/5VSB
jumper and move to the 5V position.

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Check the card for overheating, ensure that it (and all
other cards and cables) are plugged into the board good.
Check fans, temps and voltages, and examine the motherboard
for failed capacitors.

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Try a different video driver.

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Was this old monitor tried recently, or it was only in the
past you had no problem with it?  If only in the past, it
could be that whatever the problem is, now would effect
both.  If you're running at a refersh rate other than 60Hz,
try 60Hz.

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Don't ever use Windows Update for drivers.
Go to the chipset manufacturer's web site and get the full
driver.  You might even install (or reinstall if it's the
same version of...) the newest version of DirectX, 9c,
before installing the video driver.  Of course you should
also go into Add/Remove programs and uninstall any video
drivers there, first.

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That's not necessarily a clue they're related, only that
more than one thing can make a screen go blank.  Maybe they
are, but making assumptions too quickly can cause problems,
it is better to try and focus on each problem individually
until you can find cause, not just effect (like blank

What PSU is in it, including make, model, wattage, 5V, 12V,
and combined 3.3+5V rating?

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I suppose there's also the possibility that something is
wrong with your windows installation, if you can you might
consider doing a testbed install on another drive to see if
the problem persists.  Don't forget to check the regular
maintanance items either like dust buildup in the air
intakes or heatsink, fans.

Since this might be video related, it might be useful to
temporarily put a different video card in the system if you
have one available.

Re: Video vs USB

Suddenly, without warning, kony exclaimed (25-Aug-06 7:37 AM):
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Yea, I still need to check that rail.  Mainly haven't because I really
don't think it's power related, no random reboots or any of the other
symptoms that would indicate power problems.
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Done all that.  Took out the video card, cleaned the board and card
contacts with contact cleaner, reinstalled.  Can't find any bad caps.
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Yea, I may have to try using Windows' drivers.  Don't really want to
though, because the Samsung drivers give me some nice-to-haves that I
really use, like tweaking my color levels.
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The old monitor was sold a while back, just before we moved.  Your
suggestion is possible, though.  It's an LCD monitor, so the refresh
rate isn't an issue, and at any rate 60Hz is the only choice.
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I don't usually, but I can't find the right drivers for my specific
card, and I don't want all the other baggage that comes with the ATI
catalyst downloads.  I want the drivers, not all the software.

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Well, if that was the only clue I had, but the other USB problems, plus
some thing I read and cannot now find, suggested that some monitor
drivers can sometimes not play nice with USB.  Why, I don't know?

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CoolerMaster.  But I still don't think it's power... my instincts on
this are usually pretty good.  Plus, Motherboard Monitor tells me
they're all within spec.  Or can't I trust that?

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Got a good cleaning when we moved in, and I regularly check/clean the
fans, and the intake filters.
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I wish :) But it might be time for an upgrade...

The other bit of advice that I got today that I need to try, is
disabling the legacy USB support in BIOS.  Which sounds familiar, might
be part of the monitor drivers info that I can't quite remember...

Thanks for your reply.

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