Video card--which one?

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I'm deciding on components for my build and the video card has me
confused.  The motherboard has PCIe (no AGP).   I want to run a C++
compiler, play movies, occasionally play games, display family
pictures (good and true skin-tone color), and at least have the video
last me several years.  If the card can display local TV that's a plus
(I don't own a TV nor have cable).  The cost should be $100-$200 and
I'm looking for the best bang for the buck.  My total system cost will
be a little over $1100.  Can you recommend a quality card in my price
range?  Any recent articles?  (I just read Tom's Hardware video
article comparison).  There's so many video card choices!  TIA

Re: Video card--which one?

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Sorry, no such device exists. What you want will be well redundant in
several years time as well as incompatible with the up and coming HDTV


Windows & Outlook/OE in particular, shipped with settings making them
as open to entry as a starlet in a porno. Steve B

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