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I just bought a VERY long (30 m) VGA cable...
Just as adviced by Kony, Dave and others in this group, I found that the
picture signal does indeed get weeker after 10 metres...

(typical women tihi... we ask for advice, then we ignore it.... ;-) I
hope you will give me more advice anyway!

Well, after nailing the cable along some skirting boards I found that I
only need to use about 15m of the cable after all. The remaining 15
metres are superflous. Because of the reduction in picture quality that
I have noticed, it would make sense to cut the cable and re-connect the
new cable-end to the 'male' VGA connector... (Hope I am making sense so

-This cable has high quality gold-plated VGA connectors. (plugs?)
-It has great insulation (e.g extra thick cable).
-I got the cable from Lindy online. It was 80, so if possible I'd like
to make use of it... rather than go back to them for a replacement.
-When I was at Maplin's at my lunch, I bought a DIY VGA male connector
in case I am not able to re-use the existing one.

I seem to remember that VGA signals are very complex, and I am worried
about cutting the cable and then not being able to get it to work again!

I'd like to ask for advice:
1) What are my chances of being able to succeed with this (e.g.
shortening the cable as described and getting a good quality picture..)
2) It seems like it may be easier (less chance of getting it wrong) to
shorten the cable somewhere in the middle, getting rid of the superflous
15 metres and then use electrical tape to reconnect each of the 15?
wires with the corresponding ones of the same colour. Is this idea
idiotic, or actually likely to succeed.
3) Is there anywhere online that has a very clear guide (ideally
pictures) of how to do this?

Thanks to all who have helped me out previously in this group - I
appreciate it a lot!
All the best

Re: VGA question!

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I can only say, Jo, you ought to have your bottom smacked.
80, and, another vga plug ?.
The only person that could sort that for you, is someone that
is good with wiring, and a soldering iron.
For goodness sake Don`t try cutting a lump out of the middle
of the cable, `cos you`ll ruin it.
Do a `kit rethink` somehow.

Re: VGA question!

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I agree...if the cable is cut and spliced...things will only get worse...

get a high quality cable...but only as long as you actually need

Re: VGA question!

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Send it back to the supplier and either exchange for the proper
length, or pay a restocking fee and get 85% of your money back.

Have you damaged the insulation on the cable, or left marks while
nailing down the wire ? They won't accept damaged goods.

There is a DIY device here, a VGA wall plate, and it looks like
this one doesn't need solder. Most connectors you could pick up
at a retail electronics store will probably have a solderable
connection scheme, in which case take it to a TV repair shop and
have them install it for you.

The dress or treatment of the non-coax conductors should not be
critical, but with the coax, when it is cut, the portion of the
wires that is no longer in its coaxial environment should be
kept short. The longer the wire is, where it enters the
connector, the more ghosting you would get. The other
factor, is the coaxial insulation does not take kindly to the
heat of a soldering iron, and when you attempt to keep the
length of the exposed center conductor short, the soldering
time cannot be too long. I would start by soldering the
center conductors of the coax cables first, and arrange the
other wires around their installation.

I really wonder if the signal quality improvement will be
enough with this change, to make it worthwhile. What
VGA resolution and refresh rate are you trying to run,
versus what VGA resolution and refresh rate looks good
when sent down the cable ?


Re: VGA question!

On Mon, 03 Apr 2006 15:58:27 +0100, Johanna

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Return the cable to the seller, or ebay it if nothing else.
Even a good resplice will tend to degrade the picture a
little so buying a high quality shorter cable will work
best.  If this is going to an LCD, lower the refresh rate to
60Hz if it's not set there already.

Re: VGA question!

The high quality shielding present in a VGA cable is of utmost importance.
It is highly likely that you CANNOT splice into the cable, and maintain the
shielding.  Thus you will have a cut cable with a  crappy image.  If you
took the responsibility to go against advice and buy a loooong VGA cable,
then you need to take the responsibility to recognize that you made a
serious mistake and go out and buy the CORRECT length cable.


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Re: VGA question!

Johanna wrote:

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Splicing the cable would be madness. Someone competent with a soldering iron
should have no problems putting a new VGA connector or it.

It's hard to believe you can return it now you have nailed ir around the wall -
it will be marked. Selling is obviously one option.

If you know a mate who knows how to handle a soldering iron well, you might
consider buying two VGA plugs, cutting the cable, then making two cables. You
can then sell one.

I suspect selling the cable complete is probably most sensible.

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