Very Unusual CD Problem!

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I'm having a most unusual problem right now. When I try to create a music CD
from MP3's, my burning software always reports "Data exceeds size of media".

I have tried DeepBurner, CDBurnerXPPro, Nero, and VSO CopyToDVD burning

When I over ride the error and burn anyway, it burns, but I get garbled

When I try to burn a data CD, it works fine.

System is Asus P4C800-E Dlx, P4-3Ghz, 1 GB Corsair XMS, LiteOn 16X Combo
drive. I use Windows XP SP-2 and K-Lite Maga-CODEC Pack.

Does this sound like hardware, or software? Any ideas?

Many thanks,,,

Re: Very Unusual CD Problem!

a flock of green cheek conures squawk out:

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Convert the MP3s to WAVs and try again.  Something on your pc could be
causing those programs to have problems reading and converting the
MP3s correctly.


Re: Very Unusual CD Problem!

Bob Adkins, 10/20/2005, 9:34:48 AM,

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I guess I will ask the obvious question first.  Are you selecting more
songs than the CD can handle?  I think the max is around 700 MB.  Is
the CD empty and brand new?

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Re: Very Unusual CD Problem!

On 20 Oct 2005 14:09:21 GMT, "badgolferman"

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I forgot to mention!

I can select just 1 short song (3 minutes) and get the same message. That's
one thing that makes it so strange!


Re: Very Unusual CD Problem!

Bob Adkins wrote:
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Since you appear to have Nero, have you tried running any of the tools
that come with Nero?  I haven't done it in awhile, but I think that the
speed test has an option to do a disk scan, that shows what parts of the
CD are burnt/not burnt.  

Take a blank CD, and try that, and see if it shows a large area as


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