USB power management

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Hi All,
           Just purchased a wireless rechargable mouse & keyboard. When the
pc powers down the USB outlets power down as well , hence the mouse won't
recharge overnight.How can the USB's be left active with the pc shut down
for the night? I've tried to hibernate but this doesn't work.
I've a Soltek SL-NV 400-64 motherboard and in the manual there is a mention
of HDD Power Down.

Many thanks.

Re: USB power management

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ah the joys of technology...........give me hardwire anyday.

Re: USB power management


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        With some boards, you can set a jumper to power the USB ports off of
the standby power, not the main power.

        THAT said - you sure there isn't a wall wart with that device?  All
the wireless sets I've seen had one, so that you COULD recharge the mouse
with the computer off ...


Re: USB power management

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In your BIOS see if there's a Wake on Keyboard option in Power
Management and a Legacy Support option in the USB section.


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Re: USB power management


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Check for a jumper between the ATX 20-pin connector and the
rear USB ports.  If you're trying to use a front-panel pin
header, check for the jumper somewere near that header.
Typically such a jumper is on 2 of 3 pins, and needs to be
moved from one position to the other.  Just be sure you have
the right jumper- it should be in the manual.

Re: USB power management

Barnes wrote:
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On my systems it is a matter of going into my computer > properties >
hardware > device manager > universal serial bus controllers and then
picking the one I want to adjust. Then I select "power management" and
tell the OS whether I want that port turned off to save power when the
computer goes into power-down. You can get in through my computer >
manage also but force of habit still has me doing it the old way...

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: USB power management

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If none of the other suggestions fix things for you I would offer another

Get one of those cheap "externally" powered USB hubs and plug it into your
computer and then plug your keyboard/mouse into the hub.  As long as the hub
gets it's power from the external transformer it should provide the 5 volts
needed to recharge your stuff.

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