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Re: USB ports on all the time

Daniel wrote:
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Can't speak specifically about your MB but the system I'm sitting at
right now has an option for the USB ports under Device Manager which
allows me to select whether the computer can turn the various internal
USB hubs off to save power. This may be what you need. I have read
somewhere than some older machines had jumpers on the MB which selected
whether USB power was controlled or always-on but I've never seen one
like that myself.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: USB ports on all the time

On Wed, 08 Aug 2007 15:56:53 -0400, John McGaw

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Not just some older machines, the majority of all
motherboards ever made have the jumper.  To route the power
through an active device there would be a voltage drop to
some extent which would mean the 5V level would have to come
from the 12V rail or have it's own boost switching supply

Turning the hubs off in Device Manager is talking about the
hub logic, the chip circuit not the power to the ports.

Re: USB ports on all the time

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In laptops, this can do both -- My Toshiba laptop, for example, by
default leaves the USB ports on when the laptop is on, or has power, or
off when the laptop is both off and has no USB power.

If I set Vista to power down the internal USB hubs, then the USB ports'
power turns off when the OS shuts down, even if the laptop is still

I rather like it this way, when I'm traveling I can use the laptop as a
USB power source to recharge my devices, but I don't need to boot first
(I often get back into the hotel late at night, I don't always go
online, but I can find time to plug in and attach my USB devices and
security cable -- Booting means taking the laptop out of the bag)

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