USB 2 Strangeness

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The Laser external Hard drive now has another drive in it in case it was
the problem but the same things is still happening.

I plug it into another of 4 USB ports I have which are supposed to be
USB2 according to the Asus P4533-E mobo book. The default is enabled and
the jumpers look that way.

The Bios only makes reference to USB 2 voltage which is set to Medium by

There is nothing else attached to any of the ports.

When it is found by XP Pro as new hardware it is listed in Device Mgr

USB Root 2.O as working okay
USB Mass Storage as okay
USB Root Hub okay
USB Root Hub okay
USB Root Hub okay

The out of nowhere I hear quite a few of the beep beeps of the 'Remove
Hardware icon in the tray sounding like it is in then out. The first two
listings then disappear in Dev mgr and it is showing a ? in the Explorer
drive list.

Power Management is off all these devices.

Rescan for new devices in Dev mgr doesn't do anything.

I turn the external drive off with no effect and then when I turn it on,
the beep beep is there as is the Remove USB icon and then the

Mass Storage Device as working okay and
USB Root Hub as working okay. The USB 2 Root is not there.

I also have got a message when it has beep beeped that a High Speed USB
device is trying to attach itself to a Low Speed USB port. It suggest to
try another port which I have done to get the same results.

How can I test my USN mobo ports that they are actually USB 2 and what
other things can I do to resolve this problem that is starting to get to me.

Thanks in anticipation.


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