USB 2 Controller, Still having problems!

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Thanks Kony John and Ed for helping me earlier!
I followed your advice and here is what I found so far..

In Device Manager, the PC does NOT list Enhanced USB (USB 2)
However I know for sure that the motherboard supports it!
I checked the Chipset settings in the Setup menu at startup. USB 2 is

I did some research online and the recurring advice seemed to be to
install WinXP SP 2.
But I already have that!
The "friendly" wizard won't let me re-install it since I already have
the latest version.
There is no option to uninstall sp2 in "Add/Remove Programs....

Not sure what to do next! Can you help?

All the best

Re: USB 2 Controller, Still having problems!

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 20:59:11 +0000, Johanna

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Was it originally a WInXP SP2 installation or was it later
upgraded to SP2?

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Heh, I hate friendly wizards.

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The three typical attempts are:

1)  In Device Manager, properties for the USB Host
Controller (try all of them if multiple entries), on the
"driver" tab try clicking "Update Driver".  If that is where
it says you have the latest, proceed to #2.

2)  Delete (remove) all usb entries in Device Manager.  Keep
in mind you might need reboot a couple times by resetting
the system if you had a USB keyboard (no PS2 for temporary
substitute).  If still no luck, check

3)  Check the motherboard manufacturer's website for USB2

Re: USB 2 Controller, Still having problems!

Hi Kony,
Thanks for the advice!
I thin I solved it through following your advice about going through the
ports and re-installing one by one.
Actually, the "usb host controller" was "hidden" under "Other Devices"
in the Device Manager.
When I clicked "Update Driver" on that, this seemed to solve the problem.
I no longer get the message "This device can perform faster etc" when I
plug my iPod and memory stick into the usb port!
Thank you so much !

kony wrote:
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