USB 1.1 vs USB 2.0 Install & Use

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Dear alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt:
    Would anyone please look over MY QUESTIONS below and SOMEONES ANSWER
and tell me if SOMEONES ANSWERS are correct and add your comments and
    Also please note the one MR. SOMEONES QUESTION TO ANY GROUP with your
personal reply.
            Thanks for your consideration and assistance!!!!!

    MY QUESTION:  My external hard drive is a usb 2.0 and firewire but I
only have usb 1.1  .
My machine was built in december 2001 so I couldn't put in usb 2.0  .
    SOMEONES ANSWER:  Yes you can. Just put in an usb 2.0 PCI card. XP
supports this, the PC
doesn't matter. The BIOS will not support this card, so you cannot
boot from an USB device plugged in this card.
    MY QUISTION:  Do I plug it into my computer where?  or do i replace a
1.1 usb card
or what?
    SOMEONES ANSWER:  PCI USB card? open your computer and make sure you
have a slot for it;
If so just stick it in. Run any drivers that might come with it and your
PCI slots look like this
    MY QUESTION:  When I plug the card in will the USB 2.0 slots stick out
the back of
the computer like the 1.1?
    SOMEONES ANSWER:  The card spine is exposed to the back on the computer,
where there are
slots for the ports, yes.
You can also use a thing like this
to get the ports on the frontside, if desired. (You'll still need the PCI
    MY QUESTION:  Does ANYONE know where I can purchase the above mentioned
USB device in the U.S.A. or a device like it???
    MY QUESTION:  Will I now have both 1.1 and 2.0 USB slots out the back of
    SOMEONES ANSWER:  Yes; you would just be adding whatever it on the card
you buy. You
could get a card with two USB 2 ports; you could also get a card with 4
USB 2 ports. There are cards with USB 2 and FireWire both, handy if you
 have a video camera to download from. Those ports (with the drivers
loaded in your OS) would be USB 2-capable, which includes compatibility
with USB 1.
    MY QUESTION:  Or will this just turn the USB 1.1 into USB 2.0?
    SOMEONES ANSWER:  No, nothing can do that. The old USB 1.1 ports will
still be USB 1.1,
and not work any better. You can leave the keyboard and mouse on those.

** Does anyone here know if there is a reason to avoid using the 1.1
ports when the USB 2 driver is loaded? **

    SOMEONES ANSWER:  It can be desirable to switch the USB 1.1 ports off in
BIOS, or remove
the card when you have problems with shared interrupts. On the other
hand, I've read that connecting some USB 1 devices to an USB 2 port can
switch down the whole USB 2 bus to USB 1 speeds. When the USB 2 card has
only one bus, it would be wise not to remove the USB 1 card.
    MY QUESTION:  Will the USB 2.0 be backward compatible to ALL my 1.1
    SOMEONES ANSWER:  Very likely -- I don't know of any that cause a
problem. Better wait
for more replies.
    SOMEONES ANSWER:  It *should* be. USB 2.0 is designed to be completely
compatible. I've never heard of incompatibilities. However, some USB 2
devices will not work in USB 1 ports.

Re: USB 1.1 vs USB 2.0 Install & Use

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As far as I can see, and from my own experience of using USB2 cards,
everything you've been told is correct.


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Re: USB 1.1 vs USB 2.0 Install & Use

All answers given appear to be good ones.

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