upgrade bootup problem

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Hi, I bought this upgrade kit
http://www.komplett.ie/k/ki.asp?sku=314944&cks=PRL with a club3d radeon
graphics card.
My problem is when I boot, the power led does not light up but when I
the reset buton it goes as far as the bios screen with a warning
system is now in safe mode you need to reset cpu.
I have taken the mainboard out of the case and reseated cpu, ram and
graphics card checked all wireing and this is ok, but still the same
any ideas?
lanboy case
PSU 350w
512mb ram
club 3d 550 radeon graphics card

Re: upgrade bootup problem

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Reset ?. Reseated ?. What`s the Exact message Sid ?. have you been in the
BIOS, and set the CPU speed to standard, (ie not o\clocked) ?.

Re: upgrade bootup problem

Yes I have been in the bios and set the cpu speed, no overclocking.
set bios to fail safe setting still no joy!
why will it not boot up when power button is pressed?
MB wireing has been checked and rechecked
cmos battery checked and reset
once it gets to windows it runs ok
I am baffled!

Re: upgrade bootup problem

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Check wires from power up switch to Mboard. In fact, check all connectors,
you might have disturbed something in the change over.

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