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i815E or i815EB for Tualatin Celeron?

Hi guys,

it slipped my mind and can't seem to find this bit of info rt now, so
please help me out with this: will a board with an i815E (Solano II)
chipset run with a Tualatin Celeron or would I need the B-stepping of this
If it woulnd't: would that be because of BIOS unable to correctly detect
tthe CPU or beacuse of slot layout incompatibility?

Re: i815E or i815EB for Tualatin Celeron?

On Mon, 16 Jan 2006 19:32:42 +0100, Serban Andrei Dumitrescu

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You need the B-Stepping.
It "might" be possible to run one on the E, non-B step if
you had a mechanical type socket adapter, like this:
but I don't guarantee it.

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It is a physical, not bios difference.
When a bios simply can't ID a CPU, a board will just guess
or display unknown and proceed normally, _unless_ the bios
manufacturer had set the bios to unnecessarily halt at this
point which is unusual but I vaguely recall earlier Intel
branded boads doing this, for example 440BX boards with
coppermines did after a certain Intel bios version.

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