TV-out and no monitor

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Hi there,

I'd like to assemble a "media centre" pc to view dvd's, internet tv, etc.

I guess I'd need a video card with tv-out, as I'll have just the tv screen
and no vga monitor.

My problem is the following:

will I see the bios screen and everything I normally see on a vga monitor
*before* the operating system loads the video card driver, thus enabling
the tv-out?

I'm asking this question because I have a laptop with tv-out and I see
nothing on the tv screen until linux starts the X server (and loads the
videocard driver) or until windows completely loads (so loading the video
card driver too).

Many thanks for answering.

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Re: TV-out and no monitor

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Re: TV-out and no monitor

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Normally not, but there's no reason why you cant use a discarded
monitor to get that bios stuff. It doesnt need to be there most of the time.

Re: TV-out and no monitor

HamRadio wrote:

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Some cards will figure it out by themselves. My VooDoo 3 did.

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