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Yesterday I decided to test out Acronis Trueimage's hard disc clone
software. After all I pay for it and may only get to use it when in Dire
Straits.............only to find it just might not work.

I have been mulling over changing out the C (IDE) hard drive anyway because
it has been making a clicking noise for a few years now and wanted to have
SATA as the Boot drive. A new case was also considered.

So the procedure,

1. Bought Seagate 250 gig SAT2 drive and a Thermaltake Tsunami case.

2. Backup C Drive on old system before proceeding.

3. List all connections to old system and take a few pics.

4. Remove all parts from old case and install into new case. There's more in
there than you think. Keeping current C (IDE) drive as Boot. Blow out
all/any fans, heat sinks and PSU while at it.

5. Install Seagate and connect to SATA. Drives have only been IDE on this
board since new. It has 4 SATA ports so why not give it a try.

6. Fire system up to ensure it still did.

7. Format Seagate and name it G drive. This drive come unformatted.

8. Load up Acronis and instigate Clone Drive. Tell it to clone C to G.  It
then says C to C.

9. Confirm all turning back.

10. Comp shuts down and went into clone. Drive 1 > 3.. It shut down and runs
in a sorta Blue screen DOSSY mode. I suppose to ensure nothing is running
other than clone.

11. ALL complete press any key to shut down.............this is where
wireless keyboards are useless as they don't work cos the drivers are not
loaded...........used off switch to perform task.

12. Comp boots up and OLD C drive is still master.

13. Reboot and enter the BIOS.

14. Change Boot to the Seagate. Remove floppy boot as I did not reinstall
the drive.............who uses one now anyway.

15. Save and Exit.

16. Blue screen..............oh no.............not to worry it was Acronis
stripping the C tag off the old IDE drive.

17. Continued to Boot...............Acronis gave a quick initialising blue
screen at this point followed by loading windows with the new Seagate now as
C drive.

18. Into disc management and give the old IDE drive a new name......G.
Explorer reveals all old data is in tact.

19. It was noticeable that any registered software has to be re-registered
after. i.e. Norton and AutoDesk. Not sure why. This is done the first time
they are opened.

20. Well done Acronis.

In all a very good test and upgrade. Started 12 finished at 4.


Re: TrueImage test.

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You are obviously from Missouri: The Show Me State

  When I started using Acronis a few years ago I think I did the same thing
for reassurance.
Jan Alter

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