Troubleshooting new computer - Restarts at random

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Just finished my new box and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong. It
will randomly restart, but the restarts seem more like a total
shut-down, then kicking back on since it waits almost until the hd
has stopped spinning before powering back on. Windows isn't detecting
it as an error since it doesn't try to run disk check when it happens,
and I'm friggin stumped.

Hardware includes:

AMD Semperon 3000
ASRock K7VT4A PRO /KT400A/FSB333/SATA/A&L Motherboard
Cooler Master CPU Fan and Heatsink
ATI Radeon 9600 256MB AGP 8X Video Card w/DVI&TV Out
MAXTOR 80gb & 200gb
1 gig 2700 DDR RAM
ASYS 600w Watt power supply

Ant clues or leads would be real nice, since I'm sure this cant be
good for the system.

Re: Troubleshooting new computer - Restarts at random

AntiPaladin says...
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Start off with just the CPU, one stick of RAM and video card installed.
Add the HDD the OS is on and add one thing at a time until it becomes
unstable. The last thing you added is the problem. It could be
something as simple as a dodgy MOLEX socket on a CDROM drive.


Windows & Outlook/OE in particular, shipped with settings making them
as open to entry as a starlet in a porno. Steve B

Re: Troubleshooting new computer - Restarts at random

On Thu, 07 Apr 2005 10:37:16 +0000,
(AntiPaladin) wrote:

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Disable Windows' reboot-on-error setting, Google will find
detailed instructions on doing it.

Check temps and voltages.  Being a "new box" has it been
doing this consistently all along?  Are you certain the
heatsink and cables are all on good, cards fully inserted
and motherboard aligned good in the case so the cards sit
true to the mounting bracket in back?

The "Asys 600W" power supply sounds suspiciously like a
generic, might not even be worth 250W real watts, is one
part I'd give more scrutiny towards.

Re: Troubleshooting new computer - Restarts at random

I think I've found the problem, so let's hope it goes well.

I engaged motherboard monitor and after a quick gaming session my cpu
temp was at 37 C degrees. ASRock boards come with an auto shut-down
to prevent CPU overheat (which would explain why it was more
"shut-down then start" rather than an actual restart) and I'm
guessing the guy I bought it from wasn't all that great at connecting
CPU fans correctly.

I'm going to buy a new cooler and heat sink and see how it goes by
putting it through some gaming. The problem is that I've yet to find
anything on a) what temp the board actually shuts down at, and b) how
I can alter/over ride the control.

That's the best I can think of since the cpu/motherboard installation
is the only thing I didn't do myself (guy does it at his place prior
to shipping to ensure no DOA)

Hopefully, this will be the last part so I can re-connect my dvd

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