Trouble with MSI o/b nic

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I built a pc with this motherboard, its a MSI

Socket A (AMD) » VIA  » VIAź Apollo KT400A » KT4A-V

Anyway the person brought it back as the hd failed and a new one was doa, so
i gave him his money back

He lost the mobo disk so at the website about i went and downloaded the 4 in
1, usb, sound and o/b nic drivers.

All went fine exept the nic drivers, said they were wrong. It says its a VIA
Rhine II Fast.

I looked at the pdf manual too, he lost that, and made note of VIA VT8237
MAC + Realtek 8201BL PHY and couldnt find none for the MSI board. I did get
some other that worked, abiet after a lot of hassle but got me on the lan, i
had to get a driver it from driverguide on floppy to make it work.

Also in System Properties, other devices PCI Card is yellow with ?  im not
sure what that is. I unplugged the 6-1card reader as he lost the cd for that
too and im sticking with 98SE.

Can anyone help?


Re: Trouble with MSI o/b nic

You can ignore the part about the nic drivers, i found some for the same
chip thing but another brand that work spot on. Still not sure what the PCI
car thing is

Re: Trouble with MSI o/b nic

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All devices with yellow? need drivers. Google for VIA 4 in 1 drivers and see
they will fix. What devices do you have that don't have drivers?

Re: Trouble with MSI o/b nic

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i downloaded and put in the 4 in 1. the thing with the yellow mark says pci
card iirc.  I am getting hundreds of blue sceens of death, from ieexplore?
to things that when i google suggest ram and other things..

installed 98SE hundreds of times fine, but this is the first pc i built.

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Re: Trouble with MSI o/b nic

On Sun, 17 Apr 2005 15:44:55 GMT, "Julian Hales"

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You should be able to d/l the latest NIC driver from
Realtek's site.

If you don't "need" a function that's missing, don't sweat
the exclaimation mark, though you might try deleting it.
Windows may label something as "PCI" when it's not a
physical PCI card simply because it lacks the terminology.
Might be audio or USB or ???  Look over the board's spec
sheet to see if anything listed isn't showing in Device

As for the errors, run memtest86, probably memory errors or
maybe CPU overheating... are the two more common causes
though if it's memory you may then need to reinstall Windows
entirely to resolve it.  Check power voltages and fans too.

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