Trouble sharing ADSL connection

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Hi all,

I've an adsl router/modem installed on one of my pc via an ethernet
card. I want to share this connection on my other pc......will I need
additional ethernet card and a cross over cable? How should I share
this connection? Actually the modem save all the setting inside it and
when I turn on my pc it is automatically connected, all I can see is a
lan connection icon on the taskbar which as such is having no option
for internet sharing? Please help me....

Thanks a lot

Re: Trouble sharing ADSL connection says...
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The way I would do it is install an ethernet (NIC) in the 2nd PC,
connect both NICs to a router and connect the router (which can also
be/contain a firewall) to your ADSL MODEM.  If the router won't accept
multiple PC connections, you would have to install a hub between the PCs
and the router.

You MIGHT have to do static IP addressing on your PCs depending on how
many IPs the router will hand out via DHCP, but I suspect the router
will handle the IPs for you.

Good luck.


Re: Trouble sharing ADSL connection

On 9 Sep 2005 07:43:45 -0700, "Jack// ani"

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You would need one of these two options:

1)  A 2nd network adapter in the PC with the modem currently
connected, plus a 1st network adapter in the other PC, and a
crossover cable between them.  If you alreay had a regular
cable but not a crossover cable, and no extra network
adapters, I suggest buying Gigabit network adapters as they
don't need a crossover cable, can use a straight/standard
cable unlike 10/100Mb network adapters.  Then you'd use
Windows(?) ICS to have the first PC as the host that shares
the connection, or some other 3rd party NAT or proxy
software to do it.

2)  Use a router, connect the modem directly to the router,
install one network card in the 2nd PC (the one that has no
network adapter yet), and a standard network cable.  No
software is needed.   This method is independant of either
system being running (in #1 you must have the host PC
running for the other to connect through the modem), is at
least as reliable if not moreso, and significantly more
secure.  #2 is better than #1.

Re: Trouble sharing ADSL connection

Jack// ani wrote:
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If your modem has a built-in router -- a common thing today -- you might
consider simply connecting a hub or switch to the ethernet port on the
modem/router. Then each computer, up to whatever limits are set by the
number of ports, simply connects to the hub/switch. I've been running
some variation on this for a couple of years now and it works
transparently and has never caused a problem. To simply share the
internet connection a hub is entirely sufficient. If you intend to also
share files and printers among the connected computers the few extra
dollars for a switch might be worthwhile.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: Trouble sharing ADSL connection

Thanks to all replies.

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I'm sorry, I didn't clarified it much, yes I've a modem with built-in
router. Before I got the adsl connection, two of my pc where connected
through cross over I'm considering putting 2nd ethernet
card on my pc as the cheap and easy solution.

Thanks again

Then each computer, up to whatever limits are set by the
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Re: Trouble sharing ADSL connection

Jack// ani wrote:
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you could buy a modem/router like mine from D-link ( DSL-G604T) and
replace this with your standard ADSL modem. With mine, it came with a
dongle, which you connect via a USB port on the second computer/laptop.
I found the setting up of this modem/router pretty easy, and once it's
set-up, in future, all you do is boot your pc as normal, and then click
on IE, or outlook express. The connection is always on all the time, so
make sure you have A/V software in place "before" you connect for the
first time. The modem/router itself is connected to a power supply, the
RJ11 cable that goes to your telephone line, and a RJ45  cable, that
goes to the eithernet adapter on the PC. As for the other
computer/laptop, the dongle acts as a receiver, and transmits the signal
wirelessly to the computer/laptop. see here for details on my
modem/router to give you an idea..
Graham A+

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