Trouble setting up an IC7-MAX3

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I'd like to enlist the help of those familiar with the IC7-MAX3 motherboard
as I seem to be having a togh time getting one to work.
The main problem here is that it doesn't POST. Comes on fine but there is no
single short beep which preceeds the monitor waking up. I have changed the
memory, reduced memory to a single stick,changed the videocard, disconnected
all the drives both SATA and IDE from the board, swapped out the CPU from a
P4 2.8 to a P4 2.4 Ghz, in effect,all the usual troubleshooting steps but
still find that the board doesn't post.
Currently it is configured as follows:

P4 2.8Ghz
ATI Fire GL4 AGP Pro video
1Gb PC2700 ( 2 sticks in slots 1 & #3)
2 120Gb SATA drives.
500Watt PSU

What I do notice is that there 2 system indicator leds on the board Abit
labells D1 & D2.
D1 is green whenever power is connected to the board while D2 only lights
when the system is powered via the power switch.
D2 is RED and I am wondering if this is an indication of something wrong.
Nowhere in the manual does it say whether D2 should be red or green.
Does anyone have any ideas of an additional step to try to get this puppy

Thanks in advance

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Re: Trouble setting up an IC7-MAX3

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    Test with a known good PSU, if no change, return board as faulty.

Re: Trouble setting up an IC7-MAX3

the two LED's are indicating that standby power and then main power are
available.  one is on when the power supply is switched on and the system is
still off and then both are on when the system is actually powered on.

you can try to boot the system with the mainboard out of the case on a safe,
non-conductive work surface.  have the cpu installed, the ram and a video
card.  no front panel leads or drive ribbons.  manually short the power on
pins with a metallic object and see if it comes on.

be sure that you have BOTH power supply leads connected, the larger ATX lead
and the 4-pin AUX connector as well or the board will not boot.  the 4 pin
connector goes just off to the side of the CPU near the RAM slots.


Thomas Geery
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Re: Trouble setting up an IC7-MAX3


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My money's on that one!

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Re: Trouble setting up an IC7-MAX3

I would try one other thing which you may have already tried.  Clear
the bios to be sure their is not something wrong with that now that
you have been trouble shooting it.


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Re: Trouble setting up an IC7-MAX3

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I have the same board and D2 should be red. take the board out of the case
and connect the two power connections. Do NOT use the PCI-E power connector
if you have it on your power supply.
Connect the graphics card and memory and the CPU and see if it will boot. I
use a meter test leads to short theping for  power on the motherboard. Good

Re: Trouble setting up an IC7-MAX3

flock of green cheek conures squawk out:

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That's because color doesn't matter.

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Plug in the second motherboard power connector.

It could be a improperly placed mounting post that's shorting the
motherboard to the case.

Clear the CMOS, sometimes it can get corrupted enough to prevent it
from working.


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