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Re: trouble installing Windows says...
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Yes, I think you need to get rid of EVERYTHING on that HD.  If you
format it and/or simply delete all partitions on it, I think it will
show up "clean" to a Win98SE install diskette.  FYI, the files are
<msdos.sys, io.sys, & one other>.  COMMAND.COM, although obvioulsly not
hidden, was probably placed there, along with the 3 hidden files, with
the <FORMAT /S> command at some point in time and one or more of them is
probably causing the conflict.  

I think you can see them with ATTRIB, but I'm not sure and can't confirm
with system I am using.  I always used the MKS toolkit (UNIX command
system & utilities for MSDOS - not brain dead DOS, itself) when working
w/Win98SE so I could really see what was going on.

Anyway, I'd suggest cleaning EVERYTHING you can off that HD with
whatever you have available, boot to the Win98SE install diskette, and
go from there.

Good luck


Re: trouble installing Windows

keyboard and composed:

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 attrib c:\*.*  --- lists attributes of all files
 dir c:\ /as    --- lists the system files
 dir c:\ /ah    --- lists the hidden files

To compare versions, boot to the HD and type "ver" or simply check the
creation date/time of ...

 dir c:\

COMMAND  COM        93,890  04-23-99 10:22p COMMAND.COM

The above date/time correspond to "Windows 98 [Version 4.10.2222]".

-- Franc Zabkar

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Re: trouble installing Windows

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as I

I'm using Windows98SE  and the drive is a 12.8GB Western Digital.

I FDISKed  and FORMATED the HD again with a new win98SE bootdisk.



Re: trouble installing Windows says...
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It's been a LONG time for me too since Win98SE, but I'd suggest clearing
the HD of all partitions with whatever utility diskette you have
available and then boot to the WIN98SE diskette.  I THINK Win98SE will
then see the HD as "clean" and lead you thru setting it up.  As I
remember Win98SE supports either FAT16 or FAT32 and you'd definitely
want FAT32.

I'm almost certain your problem is occurring because the hidden system
files on the HD (3 of them, as I remember) is conflicting with one or
more of its counterparts on the Win98SE diskette.  It could also be a conflict - I just don't remember.  But, in any case, if you
can clean off the HD and get the Win98SE diskette to reconstruct it with
its system files, you should be OK.

Good Luck


Re: trouble installing Windows

lfine wrote:
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Where are you getting these bootdisks? Because it sounds to me like *that*
is what's messed up.

Re: trouble installing Windows

Thanks to everyone for the help

I was able to install win98 by using a different cd-rom. That is

strange because now that Win98 is installed, both cd-roms work fine

in the sytem.

one of the cd drives (creative) is not able to install the OS. but it

works in this sytem or other systems.

Now I have another problem, the hard drive

is running in "MS-DOS compatability mode"

I installed the software for the ms7112c motherboard from the matsonic

web site.

Acording to the MSKnowledgebase I should delete the NOIDE value in the

registry, There is none in my registry. i even ran sfc and my HD is

still running in "MS-DOS compatability


Re: trouble installing Windows

On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 14:34:36 GMT, (lfine) wrote:

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Did you install the chipset drivers?

Via 4in1 is what you want, supposedly on win9x (including
win98) some have had best results with an older version,
4.35, but, that might only be a minor performance
difference, I would expect newest to work, too.

Re: trouble installing Windows

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Yes, The VIA 4in1 is what i download and installed from the Matsonic

website, but the HD is still in ms-dos compatability mode.

 I will try to find the older 4.35 version?


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