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Looking into replacing my very old linux box.  Putting together the parts
I noticed that I could flat out purchase a CyberpowerPC unit with
somewhat better specs (Faster processor and larger hard drive) for about
$100 less than the system I am building.  

I have heard some mixed reviews of CyberpowerPC system.  Leaning toward
the bad.  Anyone have personal experience with them.  This will end up as
a liux box not windows.  With the CyberpowerPC I do get a copy of Vista
32bit not likely to use it but may leave it in as a dual boot in case of

Re: To build or not to build

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Doesn't suprise me.  Building your own PC rarely saves much money,
if any for routine requirements, without even factoring in the cost
of your time.  The benefit is more that you have complete control
over what goes in the box which is useful with non-MS operating
systems, although hardware support for Linux is very good anyway
- better than for a lot of platforms.  

I value that kind of control since it means that I can throw in
e.g. a 3com 905 and be confident that it will work well and work
with pretty much any OS I can throw at it.  You don't get that with
preassembled systems.  Indeed, you can't buy new 905s at all anymore,
fortunately I still have a few in reserve...

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I've never even heard of them but looking them up my gut instinct
would be to steer well clear.  They seem to pitch at the games
market which seems inappropriate for a Linux server.  Your typical
games user is also very interested is box-ticking style specifications
when IMHO you are much better off with more conservatively rated
stuff that is good quality and works well together as a system.
I'm also very sceptical of any company offers things like windowed
cases and neon lighting - it is a classic case of form over function.
I'd also like to know what their standard warranty is - for some
reason it wasn't clearly enumerated when I looked at some systems.
Companies offering on-site support are preferred, simply because
of the expense of on-site service.  A company offering it must be
fairly confident their machine isn't going to break.

Andrew Smallshaw

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