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I'll be building a new system and I'm struggling to decide on what case to
purchase.  The SONATA by Antec is a front-runner for me because of its
apparent quiet operation and because I've had good luck with Antec before.
I've read of some issues with the power supplies though.  Anyone have any
thoughts or other suggestions for a solid case that runs relatively quietly?


Re: Thoughts on SONATA/SONATA II

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I have the Sonata and I like it a lot. Quiet PSU (though only 380W), solid
constuction, doesn't weigh a ton. I have yet to see a case (other than the
Sonata II) that I would replace it with.

Re: Thoughts on SONATA/SONATA II

On Sat, 01 Apr 2006 06:11:44 GMT, "Dale Brisket"

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Weighing a ton is a good thing to some (myself included),
because it tends to mean there's still a wee bit of metal in
it.  Aluminum is nice, but pricey to get one with thick
enough panels in a name brand (1.0 mm Al sheeting is too
flimsy for my tastes).

Re: Thoughts on SONATA/SONATA II

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I don't have any other suggestions but want to second the Sonata case.  It
is very well designed, quiet, and the HD bays are easily accessible, the
rear of the drives facing the right side of the case.  This allows quick
removal with rails and easy disconnect.

The 120mm fan in the rear is quiet yet efficient.  I have and older Antec
case with dual 80mm fans in rear, but have used the Sonata in building
systems for several friends.  Make sure the PSU is a TruePower, as the cases
I've seen lately use the cheaper SmartPower PSU's.  I don't skimp on PSU's!
The cases I purchased had 380w PSU's, but I would rather use a 480 if I were
designing a system for myself.  I've had no trouble with the 380 TruePower
to date and one system is running three HD's.

In all the cases I've built with the Sonata I've installed the optional
120mm fan inside the case attached to the HD bay for added cooling.  You can
use the nifty rubber connectors that quickly attach the fan to the HD bay,
but be advised these work only with Antec fans or fans with a hollow area
between the holes on each side.  This is the only way the rubber connectors
will fit.  In two cases I used another brand of ball-bearing fan and had to
cut out the area with a Dremel, not difficult but a PITA.  If you buy a
second 120mm fan, make sure it is ball not sleeve bearing.

Re: Thoughts on SONATA/SONATA II

Bob Davis wrote:
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A few weeks ago I built a new system using a "piano black" Sonata II
case.  I absolutely love it.

The build quality is top notch and the paint on mine looked fantastic
with no dents, nicks, or scratches.

It came with a 450W Smartpower supply which is a perfect match for my
A8N-E (non-sli), 7900GT Superclock, and AMD64 X2.

I especially like the cleanable air filter in the front of the case.
After one month of 24/7 operation, there was virtually zero dust build
up inside the case.  I pulled the filter out (it slides out the bottom)
and was amazed at the amount of dust it had collected.  10 seconds later
I had it cleaned off and popped back in.

The special cooling air duct they provide also helped drop my cpu temps
by 2-3 C.

I don't think you can go wrong with's easily the nicest case
I've ever had and it was only $99.


Re: Thoughts on SONATA/SONATA II


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I have 2 PC's built with Sonata cases.  I love everything about them
EXCEPT for the issue that recently bit me in the butt (see my "Longer
IDE Cables?" thread).

If you want a hard drive and a DVD/CD drive on the same IDE channel,
it's physically impossible with standard IDE cables.  If the HD's were
rear-facing instead of side-facing, this wouldn't be an issue.

However, I solved the problem with a $30 IDE controller, which seems
to have given me even better HD throughput, so it all worked out

That's the only caveat I have with the Sonata.  The front-mount
USB/Firewire connectors are great, and the black lacquer finish looks

My buddy has the same case and loves it as well.

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