Third hard drive

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I have two hard drives and one dvd
I want to fit a third hard drive  to the spare dvd cable. Will this
work?  I need some kind of adaptor since the cable connector and h/d
socket are a different shape. What'd I ask for?


Re: Third hard drive wrote:
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The cleanest solution, is to buy the right kind of drive.
Then you won't have to read the rest of my answer :-)

This is an example of a product that converts a SATA drive,
so it can be used with an older, ribbon cable (PATA) motherboard.
The adapter doesn't have to look exactly like this to work,
and other designs are possible.

Now, on the fine print of that page, it says:

    "Mater Device Only, Only one adapter per IDE Cable"

That would worry me a bit.

This is another adapter, that converts a SATA drive with the
small connector, for use with a ribbon cable motherboard.
In this case, the product has a small jumper on the
adapter, to set the drive for master or slave. That
sounds more useful than the first one I quoted.

The following adapter works in the opposite direction. I mention
this one for the sake of completeness. This adapter
converts a PATA (ribbon cable) drive, so it can be
used with a SATA motherboard.

Not all high tech companies approve of such adapters. And in
some cases, the adapters are known not to work properly. Before
you buy an adapter for this application, you want to read reviews
first, to see if users report problems with them.

The worst I've seen, are some products that were selling for
$1 each. They were all dead as a dodo. (Did someone know ?)
And at $1 each, it would cost too much to send them back.
That is one extreme, with adapters. They're not all that bad :-)
Normally they cost more than $1.

I'd simply buy a hard drive with a ribbon cable connector
on it, and just avoid the use of adapters. If you really
must have an interface to operate that disk drive, consider
finding a PCI card with SATA chip on it. Such a card will
work better than an adapter will.

SIL3114 based four port SATA card for PCI bus  $21  (SYBA SD-SATA-4P)

Flashing tools to flash upgrade the SYBA card's BIOS.


Re: Third hard drive

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Thanks, Paul. Very helpful. :-)

Re: Third hard drive

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Thanks Paul
I already have the drive. It has material on it that I rarely use, but
it'd be better to have it accessable.
I think I'll go for your last option and buy the PCI card

Re: Third hard drive wrote:
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I never heard of a motherboard where the connectors for Ide 0 and 1 were
different shaped. They should be just the same. The problem might be  a
drain on the power system or it might slow down the performance of the
drives but aside from that there should be no real problems.

Re: Third hard drive

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 10:59:59 -0600, ProfGene

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OP did not write that IDE0 and 1 were different shape, it
was written that the drive connector (socket) was a
different shape.  For example PATA vs SCSI or SATA.

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